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Don’t mess with taxes; no need for speed; fear and freedom; wrong kind of jihad

Don’t mess with taxes

The article about Texas legislators wanting to do away with federal income tax and put the burden on a national sales tax is scary.

This change would destroy the Texas economy because our sales tax would become about 20 percent instead of the current 8.25 percent.

People would be unable to shop even in a small way.

It is a fact that states created the federal government by creating the Constitution.

But I think it is reasonable to say that James Madison, author of the Bill of Rights, did not intend to allow states to abuse the power of the 10th Amendment.

Taxation in Texas is very low compared to other states because we do not have a state income tax.

We would cease to be Americans if we did not pay federal income tax.

Many Texans depend on a monthly Social Security check to survive.

They would be without income.

Many Texans who have Medicare as their only health insurance would die.

Before anyone gets too zealous about changes to tax law, it is best to think it through.

— Marilyn Gabler,

Fort Worth

Fear and freedom

A few weeks ago, in nearly every media outlet in the country, someone was lamenting that Sony was cowardly for withdrawing their movie The Interview from release.

“Don’t yield to threats, don’t let tyrants censor us,” they said.

I wondered where all these brave people were a few years ago, when the cartoons of Muhammad provoked extremist outrage.

The media talked about the cartoons but seldom republished them for fear of violence.

And of course, our leaders and the media roundly condemned the Quran-burning preacher in Florida because he might provoke extremist retaliation.

Now terrorists have murdered people in revenge for cartoons.

Again, I’d like to know where all those brave people are.

Are we afraid of hurting multiculturalists’ feelings?

Do we fear violence?

Or are we going to tell them to get used to free speech?

Perhaps if cartoons become common, extremists would realize they can’t target us all.

— Tom Glenn,

Fort Worth

Wrong kind of jihad

The Charlie Hebdo attack calls for jihad.

However, the horrific terror displayed in Paris is the wrong kind.

The Quran explicitly states that the “killing of one [innocent]... is the killing of all mankind” (5:33).

The type of jihad that members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are committing is jihad by the pen, through writing letters, articles, and even books displaying the true message of Islam.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing but sometimes it can be taken too far with irresponsible use as displayed by Charlie Hebdo.

Though I can sympathize with the hurt sentiments, I vehemently disagree with the way the Kouachi brothers responded.

— Ahmed Malik, Denton

No need for speed

There are a lot of lead-footed drivers in the Metroplex.

The speed limit is not so much a limit as a starting point.

It is disregarded by almost everyone, with some greatly exceeding the limit.

Some cautious people avoid highways because they seem scary and dangerous. And they are.

It is surprising to me that our speed laws are so sparingly enforced.

There is not enough police presence to act as a deterrent.

People are able to drive like crazy and get away with it.

The impression one could easily get is that speeding is allowed.

It shouldn’t be.

If police resources are spread too thin to be a regular presence on our highways, then I think speed cameras would serve well to slow people down.

— Joe Wilkinson,

Fort Worth


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