Letters to the Editor

Iran incident; Symphony pay; Eat lean meat

A frame grab from a Jan. 12 video released by the Iranian state-run IRIB News Agency
A frame grab from a Jan. 12 video released by the Iranian state-run IRIB News Agency AP

Iran incident

After hearing the outrage over the Iranian boat incident from every Republican candidate, I figured I must have heard the story wrong.

I thought we had inadvertently crossed into their waters (we admitted as much). I assumed they confronted us to make sure this was not an aggressive act. Making our sailors kneel and raise their hands was probably what we would have done had the situation been reversed.

Once the Iranian captain was sure this was not an aggressive act by us, they freed our sailors within 24 hours.

Is this an example of our weakness? Just the opposite. It shows a minor incident being resolved in a manner impossible five years ago.

Frank Matthews,

Fort Worth


Instead of drifting closer to another Middle East war over Iran’s detention of 10 U.S. military personnel, we should be grateful that cool heads prevailed.

There were no beheadings or mistreatment of our people, no hullabaloo or posturing by the administration and not enough time for Fox News to mount an all-out propaganda campaign.

Secretary of State John Kerry took care of “business” in just a few hours — unprecedented!

What if either of the GOP front-runners had been in office?

Carl V. Flores, Grandview

Symphony pay

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra is a world-class organization, and we’re very fortunate that its members are so talented, trained and genteel.

As a subscriber, I’m delighted and amazed that we have such a beautiful venue, reasonable prices and an exceptional group of musicians.

For quite a while, orchestra members have made their supporters aware of their struggle with the board.

Instead of a deserved wage increase, they’re being asked to take a cut.

Unlike many other orchestras, ours has not gone on strike or compromised the season. They perform beautifully and their fans are grateful and appreciative.

I don't know much about the board, who the members are or if they’re paid. But I do know that the people who provide one great event after another are the musicians, and they deserve more pay and recognition.

I encourage others to speak out so we can continue to be blessed with a fine symphony.

Toni Wietholter,

Fort Worth

Eat lean meat

A Los Angeles Times article, published Jan. 8 in the Star-Telegram, was headlined “U.S. issues new dietary guidelines that will change the way you eat.”

The writer stated that the new 2015 Dietary Guidelines put “red meat in a category of foods to be eaten sparingly” and that “the widespread adoption of diets lower in animal protein and richer in fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts would lower rates of disease.”

That was inaccurate.

The new guidelines actually urge Americans to continue eating lean meat and support the role of it in a healthy diet. This is based on the latest nutritional science and confirms Americans are consuming fresh, lean meat (including lean beef) at levels consistent with the guidelines.

As a physician, I often encourage my patients to include beef in their diet to help them maintain a proper weight and get the nutrients to be healthy and active. The guidelines support beef as a wholesome food packed with many essential nutrients that are simply not found in any other plant-based foods.

Everyone is different, but each should practice balance and moderation. I encourage Americans to consider the 2015 Dietary Guidelines as they build a meal plan that best fits their particular dietary needs.

Dr. Richard Thorpe III, first vice president, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Austin