Letters to the Editor

Choice between Trump and Clinton may be a very bitter pill to swallow

It’s the beginning of 2016, and we all know this is a presidential election year.

A lot will happen between now and the Nov. 3 general election, but polls indicate that if the election were held today it would be between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. The two have almost mythic status, representing different ends of the political spectrum.

Myths aside, what would the U.S. be like with one of these two as president? What are the positive points that make them the most appealing to be the next leader of the free world?


With Clinton, the political logjam perpetuated by the Republicans would continue.

With Trump, there are three things to consider. One, we all know he has not changed a bit in all this time; he doesn’t play to any interests but his own. Two, the person to be president is not quite as important as who is around that person. At this time in history, I’d say we need to go with business leaders and not more politicians.

Third, the “fight” between the Republicans and the president will disappear and we might see the government get things done. Trump believes in a greater America. Let’s see what that looks like.

Mario Aguirre III, Arlington


Twenty-four consecutive years of Clinton, Bush and Obama have left taxpayers with a huge mess. Ideology and inexperience has not worked. Let’s try experience and common sense this time: Trump.

Ralph Walsh, Arlington


I don’t have any positive comments on a Trump or Clinton presidency. I try not to even think about it.

Jack O. Lewis, Haltom City


Between Trump or Clinton, I would reluctantly choose Hillary. Although I’m not fond of her husband, he might advise her with some good ideas.

George J. Anthony, Fort Worth


America is robust; we have survived bad presidents and can do it again. Presidents are restrained by Congress (as Obama has discovered), the courts, bureaucracy and state governments.

Trump is a narcissistic egomaniac, unqualified for office by experience, ability and temperament. He’s a self-promoter, a huckster. His popularity is a reaction to the chronic insincerity and unresponsiveness of our political class. But as a cure, he’s worse than the disease.

Clinton has no special accomplishment or appeal. But we elected a black, so now if we elect a woman maybe we’ll all feel sufficiently egalitarian to return to considering who would be good at the job rather than checking off boxes to make sure everyone’s had a turn.

George Michael Sherry,

Fort Worth


Both are ruthless, untrustworthy and lie more often than the best con artist.

Trump is living proof that no amount of money can buy class. He’s nasty, boorish, sexist, ignorant and smug. But, how many times does he say something you secretly agree with?

And while Hillary is the most formidable presidential nomination front-runner for a non-incumbent in the modern era, one could argue that her level of accomplishment is near zero, that she is a terrible role model for women and her track record of deceitful and underhanded schemes is indicative of a cruel and corrupt individual.

Guess I’ll take the most entertaining guy alive today and watch the show.

Patrick Jenkins, Arlington


The U.S. with Hillary or Trump as president is swirling down into the sewer.

Stanley Poynor, Mansfield


Trump would be the first businessman to run the country, at least in recent times. He might reduce the country’s debt and protect the country from terrorists. Clinton would be seen as weak by terrorists.

Ken Ross, Southlake


Trump is a successful businessman and would run our country as such without regard to political affiliation. He would support our Constitution, stop illegals from all countries, and, hopefully, get homosexual marriage overturned. Clinton is a career politician and would continue the moral decay of our once great country.

Steve Misner, Rhome


After multiple debates, the poll leaders are an arrogant serial liar who thinks Republicans are “enemies” and whose sole achievement as secretary of state was getting donations from foreign governments to her foundation and a bombastic demagogue of a fool who thinks he can insult his way to the White House.

Then there are those in a second tier in the polls: an avowed socialist who sees more government as the answer to everything and a Texas Tea Party, Trump mini-me who is a pariah in his own party.

With these candidates to choose from, Mexico and Canada may be erecting fences to keep U.S. citizens out in 2017.

Robert Kai, Keller


Hillary Clinton can’t tell the truth. Foreign countries want you to vote for her so they won’t need spies, just email readers. Also, Hillary wants to turn Bill loose again in the White House. I vote for Trump and Cruz!

A.L. McCluney, Hurst


Trump’s experience in the private sector would be invaluable in helping the U.S. with its $19 trillion debt. Hillary would just keep printing money to pay for all the give-aways she promises.

Trump will restore our reputation as a strong world leader. He built enormous wealth, which you cannot do without being excellent in relationship building. That encompasses the approach to all issues affecting our country.

Washington today is about absolute power and money. The voters see a chance for change.

Paula Scoggin, Benbrook


Trump says what none previously had dared to say. He is concerned about U.S. strength and security so we can live free. He also has the “know-how” to get things done.

Hillary will go along with the current administration’s liberal ideology — more concerned with perceived social injustices and with little concern for our borders, security, terrorist infiltration and military strength.

If we don’t protect our nation, the little things won’t matter.

Eva Snapka, Arlington


Positive points for Trump: Not a career politician, recognized businessman, understands taxes and financing and knows when to shut something down.

Being a businessman and not a career politician is important because the U.S. is the world’s largest business entity.

Positive points for Clinton: Hmm, let me get back to you on that. I can’t think of any positive points for Hillary Clinton.

Walter H. Delashmit, Justin


Hillary is ethically unfit to be president. Trump, at least, knows what he doesn't know and will surround himself with experts and will listen to his generals, unlike our current president.

Mike Leinen, Grapevine


Several benefits of Hillary being elected:

Bill Clinton gets a new set of White House interns to mentor; those political hacks at the Clinton Foundation charity can be moved to the government payroll; and the Lincoln Bedroom will again be available for the Hollywood in-crowd.

Troy Worthy, Hurst


A devious, chronic liar vs. a boorish blowhard with a record of getting things done. Let the games begin!

Burt E. Ballentine, Keller