Letters to the Editor

Domestic terror; Ethan Couch; Gun control; Immigration rules; Arlington history; Extreme views

Domestic terror

Ammon Bundy and others in Oregon protesting the management of federal land by the Bureau of Land Management are domestic terrorists and much more dangerous than any Muslim terrorist group.

The protestors in Oregon are doing the same thing as those crying “Allahu akbar” when they say they are on a “mission from God.”

The Book of Mormon has no more relevance than the Quran when innocent people are threatened with guns.

Marilyn Gabler,

Fort Worth

Ethan Couch

Do not let Ethan Couch come back to the U.S.

Let his rich parents pay for his exile. Without his mommy, he won’t know what to do by himself.

That way, he’s not our problem anymore, but some other country’s problem.

Brent Beal, Keller

Gun control

The first step toward dictatorship or tyranny is the control of weapons.

President Obama and his ilk have ignored the Supreme Court, law enforcement and the Constitution. They have sought to divide the U.S. in the face of the ISIS threat.

I can hear the rattle of the chains of slavery for all Americans.

Joy V. Springer, Fort Worth

Immigration rules

We welcome immigrants on four conditions: (1) They have no criminal record in any country, (2) they will not receive U.S. government assistance (including food, housing, job preference, medical fees or education) for 10 years, (3) they will not try to enforce laws that are against our Constitution, (4) they are not allowed to own or use guns.

We already have 80 million recipients of government largesse; our debt has grown from $10 trillion to $17 trillion in the past eight years.

Taxpayers should not be expected to shell out money for people who want us to pay for their better life. They can work and live here within their income or remain in their own country.

Myretta Bell, Bedford

Arlington history

Many have expressed curiosity, so we would like to provide a small window of information about our newest Jambo’s restaurant location in a historic Arlington building.

Few know the historic 1724 W. Division St. location has housed a couple of different restaurants, beginning in 1931 as the Triangle Inn and recently as Arlington Steak House.

Triangle Inn served many 1940s gangsters visiting Arlington to gamble at the illegal Top O’ Hill Terrace down the street.

Division Street is on the famous Bankhead Highway, the first transcontinental highway.

Ashton Lovato and recent Arlington Steak House owners Dick and Lynn Brinks are members of what we call the Bankhead Highway Historical Committee.

We’re working toward celebrating this year’s 100th anniversary of the highway. So not only are we aware of Arlington’s rich history, but we’re taking part in its preservation.

Our objective is to serve constant and consistently delicious Jambo’s barbecue while highlighting the building’s exciting history, bringing the spark of magic back to this nostalgic place.

Ashton and Paul Lovato, Arlington

Extreme views

We’ve lost control by allowing extreme views to dominate decisions at the state and federal level.

As a result, our children will inherit a world led by gun-rights and religious zealots on one side and liberal zealots on the other.

There is no one to blame but ourselves. We are afraid to speak up.

Dennis Meals, Fort Worth