Letters to the Editor

Outhouses return; Horse racing; Faulty tax bills; Dallas orchestra

Activists gathered Friday for an open-carry walk along Road to Six Flags in Arlington.
Activists gathered Friday for an open-carry walk along Road to Six Flags in Arlington. Special to the Star-Telegram

Outhouses return

Congratulations to the Texas Legislature for supporting the freedom to openly carry guns in public. I hear the Legislature will now pass a bill bringing back stagecoach service, outhouses and public hanging. Uber, indoor plumbing and lethal injection are overrated.

Fred Gregory, Arlington

Horse racing

I always appreciated Randy Galloway’s honesty, but never more than in the last two columns. (“After 50 years, party’s over for Galloway,” Dec. 27)

He lifted the lid on the horse racing industry in Texas and correctly noted those Tea Party politicians who receive considerable funds from out-of-state gambling owners and lobbyists.

These politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths not so much for the welfare of their constituents, but to the welfare of their own coffers.

Sandy Allen, Haltom City

Faulty tax bills

Anna M. Tinsley’s excellent Dec. 31 article, “Tarrant residents to receive more tax bills,” did not address those parties whose residence property tax bills were incorrect due to the Tarrant Appraisal District’s software problems, which precluded communications with the county tax assessor-collector’s office.

Any party who purchased a home during or after 2013 should ensure that their property tax bill includes the correct exemptions.

Of particular concern are senior citizens who did not know that they had to file with TAD to get a homestead exemption, an over-65 exemption, and a pro-ration of any frozen taxes from their previous Texas residence.

If a senior citizen was proactive and savvy enough to apply for those discounts, the discounts probably did not appear on their property tax bill due to the aforementioned communication problems.

Arnold Benson, Keller

Dallas orchestra

Your story on Dallas’ symphony postponing its European tour has stirred some unfriendly feelings on this side of the pond. (“Dallas orchestra delays two-week Europe tour,” Dec. 23)

I regularly enjoy visiting your great country. I do this despite the frequent and well-publicized security risks posed by gun-toting mass murderers.

Over here, our view of Texans is that you’re big and tough. You don’t give in easily.

So how to explain the symphony’s embarrassing decision not to visit Europe because there have been terrorist attacks?

Does orchestra President Jonathan Martin not realize that chickening out of a long-contracted and eagerly anticipated tour is playing into the hands of the terrorists?

How sad that upright Texans should meekly give in to vague, non-specific threats from modern-day outlaws.

I suggest to Mr. Martin that, having demonstrated his lack of moral fiber, he should not bother trying to resuscitate his European tour.

Sean Maffett, London