Letters to the Editor

Saving Texans; liberal media; Cruz’s children; ‘Dog Train’; irony

Eugene Bostick drives his homemade train full of dogs around the neighborhood in September in Fort Worth.
Eugene Bostick drives his homemade train full of dogs around the neighborhood in September in Fort Worth. Special to the Star-Telegram

Saving Texans

If asked what public policy decision would have the greatest effect on death rates in Texas, many people might say stricter gun control laws. Approximately 1,000 Texans die from gun violence every year.

Others might suggest stricter enforcement of DWI laws. Close to 1,200 Texas motorists are killed each year by drunk or impaired drivers.

A simple and relatively inexpensive act could potentially save more lives each year than both the previous remedies combined.

Accepting expansion of Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, extending medical services to 1 million or so low-income Texans currently without coverage, would result in an estimated reduction of as many as 3,000 deaths a year.

Gov. Greg Abbott continues to refuse to support Medicaid expansion, while Texas taxpayers continue to subsidize the billions of federal dollars flowing to the 31 other states (including Arkansas and New Mexico) that have adopted the expansion program.

In his inaugural address, Abbott stated, “As governor I will ensure Texas remains the state that provides that same brand of opportunity [that I had] for every Texan.”

Is there any better way of fulfilling that promise than providing the sort of healthcare that can literally save lives?

Richard Cole, Arlington

Liberal media

D.L. Lawson’s letter (Dec. 12) was half right that we get the news that media controlled by huge corporations want us to have.

The news we receive is not always all of the news, and is often edited to omit facts unfavorable to liberals.

Failure to report all facts destroys the credibility of the writer, who then becomes simply a partisan hack rather than an actual reporter.

I disagree with Lawson that the media aren’t liberals and those of us who complain about the liberal media should do more research.

Permit me one small example of a gimmick used by the liberal press in unfavorable or derogatory reports about politicians.

If the subject is a Republican, that person’s name will be immediately followed by the title of “Republican” or “R.” However, if the miscreant is a Democrat, it will be necessary to drill deep into the story to ascertain the party affiliation, if it is mentioned at all.

Numerous subtle and not-so-subtle tactics are employed by the liberal media.

Gary Montgomery,

Willow Park

Cruz’s children

Some have written in your newspaper that because Cruz’s children appeared in a campaign ad, he has no right to complain about a cartoon depicting his children as monkeys.

Hillary’s granddaughter has appeared in ads. Accordingly, she has no right to complain if the granddaughter is depicted as a leech.

Michael D. Dirmeier, Keller

‘Dog Train’

Hello from a small(ish) farming town in New Zealand.

I don't normally make a habit of writing letters to newspapers overseas (or even here at home), but couldn't help myself after reading the story of the Bostick brothers and their “dog train.” (“This Fort Worth train has gone to the dogs,” Sept. 24)

At a time when conflict and strife are routine fare, when the vapidity of ‘celebrity’ is presented as aspirational and Donald Trump is spoken about as presidential material, then there is something particularly nice, and maybe even comforting, in a story about a couple of old gentlemen who made a train so that that they could take their dogs for a ride.

It reminds us that people are capable of kindness and compassion and are not always and inevitably just slaves to the baser aspects of their humanity.

At a distance, your political system seems to be as venal and self serving as any other western democracy, and if I live to be 1,000 years old I will never understand your attitude to guns.

But out there, somewhere, are two men and their happy dogs watching the world float by from their very own train.

Dirk VandenBerg,

Morrinsville, New Zealand


Does anyone else find this quote ironic? (”Officials: 'Affluenza' teen, mother planned flight to Mexico,” Sept. 29):

"They are going to be sent back to their country, given that they were in Mexico improperly."

George Curl, Azle