Letters to the Editor

Domestic terrorism; women in combat

Colorado theater shooter James Holmes is led out of the courtroom after being formally sentenced in April.
Colorado theater shooter James Holmes is led out of the courtroom after being formally sentenced in April. AP

Domestic terrorism

Young, white, American males have conducted terrorist attacks at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City; at Columbine High School in Colorado; at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.; at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo.; at a restaurant in Killeen; at a political gathering in Tucson and at a church in Charleston.

In Kansas City, there was an attack on a Jewish center by an old white male.

Another old white man in New York attacked firefighters responding to a fire he had set. The Planned Parenthood attack in Colorado Springs — ditto.

Obviously, white males are addicted to mass terror: About 80 percent of school shooters have been white males.

Therefore, white males must be denied access to guns and explosives, must be kept under surveillance, must be denied passports and prohibited from flying. And all white males must apologize profusely for their terrorist activities. It’s only right.

Robert J. Vann II,

Fort Worth

The Republic of Texas adherents, Republicans and all the Timothy McVeighs who hate “big government” — they are multiple times more scary than ISIS.

There are actually armed crazies in this country who go out and practice warfare against our government.

With open carry, there will be more.

And more scary is they have wealthy backers such as Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and Rush Limbaugh spreading their venom and hate.

And now we have Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Have a nice Christmas. It may be our last.

Gary B. Hicks,

Fort Worth


What would happen if we all followed the logic of Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress?

I recall the destruction of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the attack on the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Spring, the church shooting in South Carolina and many, many more.

All these acts of terrorism were committed by home-grown white, American males.

So, let’s deport all the white males because they are all potential terrorists.

This would include most of Congress and most of our state legislators.

When we can prove that we are 100 percent safe at home, church, restaurants and clinics, we will let them back into the United States.

Rita Cotterly,

Fort Worth

Women in combat

For the past few years, I’ve wondered about the role of women in the armed forces.

I’ve served in the Marines alongside women Marines, none of whom had any ambition to go into combat.

Most of them were very content doing their jobs, filling very important roles.

So now the Obama administration announces that all military occupational fields are open to women.

It’s a total and complete farce.

It has to be part of a liberal agenda or ego, neither of which work in any combat situation.

However, it is the natural instinct of the male to at least try to protect the female.

So, in that respect, do not force me into a situation where I may lose my life because I was trying to protect a female on an ego trip.

And what do you think the enemy will do when they capture a female soldier?

I don’t think they’ll bring her wine and roses every day.

Do not misunderstand me. I love women. I’m married to one.

I just think this is a mistake.

Con Shuck,