Letters to the Editor

Gun violence

Roses adorn a makeshift memorial in San Bernardino, Calif.
Roses adorn a makeshift memorial in San Bernardino, Calif. AP

Gun violence

I was amazed by the idiocy of the writers of the Dec. 4 letters about the mass shooting in San Bernardino.

Do they actually believe that a terrorist, a gang member, a criminal goes through the normal process to buy guns?

California has the most severe gun laws in the country, and yet these terrorists were able to buy those weapons and ammo and to make bombs.

If California were a concealed-carry state, someone might have been there to protect people.

We live in a society that has no value for life. We need to teach our children and our neighbors that life is a gift from God.

Sandra Lewis, Joshua


After the tragedy in San Bernardino, I pray that our elected officials will finally have the nerve to cut the strings of the puppeteer National Rifle Association.

We as a country must cease aiding and abetting terrorists or any other radical who has the ability to obtain assault weapons.

I thought after Sandy Hook that change had to happen, but for some reason certain members of our government could not do the right thing.

Now is the time.

John La Morte, Arlington


The Dec. 4 letters blamed guns for killing people.

What poor, miserable and misguided people are these writers and others who think like them!

When will these people get it through their brains that it’s not the method of the killing but the sick individuals doing it?

Society needs to take a hard look at the trashy, depraved, immoral and violent media stimuli that these cold-blooded killers immerse themselves in. It brainwashes them into taking violent action.

Vicki Nejtek, Fort Worth


Our senators voted against legislation to prevent people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list from buying guns or explosives.

They also voted against a bill that would have expanded background checks to screen out more convicted felons and the mentally ill.

Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are more worried that someone might be refused a gun sale than they are of defending the public against violent criminals.

Richard LaChance,

Fort Worth


As Republicans were offering prayers and condolences, Democrats were ridiculing prayer and calling for gun control.

We need to change ourselves, to soften the hearts of the extremists, to comfort the potential suicides, to strengthen families so as to lessen violence. Our main hope is prayer with compassion.

Curt Lampkin, Azle


Ted Cruz smirked recently when he said all mass shootings occurred in “safe zones.”

I didn’t know whether to be angry or outraged. I finally just felt heartsick.

Cruz is a U.S. senator, and the most compassionate thing he could think to say about these many tragedies was to blame the victims (men, women and children) for being unarmed.

Larry Story, Fort Worth


How can reporters say the California shooters’ motive was unknown when they had pipe bombs and 8,000 rounds of ammo? It’s called terrorism.

Robert M. Moon,

Fort Worth


The Second Amendment was written at a time when weapons had smooth bores, used black powder, were clumsy and fired one shot at a time.

At that time, you might get off one shot but would have to ram a ball down the barrel to fire again.

Is this amendment applicable to our time? It is so much easier to kill people with an AK-47 or similar semiautomatic sport rifle than it would be with a muzzle-loading Brown Bess.

Bruce Slocum, Grapevine


California has strict gun laws. Criminals and terrorists pay no attention.

Citizens must be able and ready to defend themselves and be vigilant of their circumstances and surroundings.

Paul Buckley, Mansfield