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Cromnibus concerns; Big 12 pride; poor sportsmanship; making care affordable

Cromnibus concerns

I am not a fan of Congress shutting down the government.

However, the passage of the latest federal budget has me deeply concerned — in particular, the provision allowing the Wall Street banks that crashed the economy in 2007-2008 to continue betting on risky financial instruments (derivatives).

But that’s not all. When the bets go bad, the bill requires us to bail out the banks with our tax dollars! This bailout provision will encourage the banks to make even riskier investments than before 2007.

According to reports, the derivatives provision was included at the behest of Citigroup.

I believe the public has the right to know who sold us out to Wall Street again.

— Amy Ray,

Fort Worth

Regarding loosening the Dodd-Frank controls and increasing already ridiculous campaign contribution amounts within Congress’ $1.1 billion spending bill:

Did we learn nothing about the big banks in 2008?

Do we really believe they won’t go back to taking high risks, like they did in 2008, to fatten their pockets at the expense of our economy?

Do the wealthy and corporate America not own our political representatives enough now?

Does America believe that huge campaign contributions are not an investment by these two groups with an expectation of something in return? Are we that stupid?

I am a nearly lifelong conservative, but in this case I must side with the liberals. Yes, even with Nancy Pelosi.

— Richard Downey,


Big 12 pride

I am a Baylor fan but would like to tip my hat to TCU.

I think these are two of the best teams in the nation. How do you go from No. 3 to No. 6 after a win like TCU had?

I think it’s outright disrespect!

I hope all Big 12 teams win, but most of all I want Baylor and TCU to put the hammer down hard.

Ten points or more would make for a very merry Christmas and a little revenge to go with my eggnog.

Sincerely, your neighbor to the south. “Sic ’Em Bears” and “Go Frogs.”

— George Long, Waco

Poor sportsmanship

Watching the video of the coin toss at the start of the Aledo-John Tyler high school football game, I saw something I have never before seen or heard of.

The Aledo players reached out to shake hands with their Tyler counterparts, only to have the Tyler players turn their backs on them and walk away.

The sportscaster then commented, “How did that work out for them?”

He then followed with highlights of Aledo’s 47-14 thrashing of the Lions to earn their fifth trip to the Class 4A finals in the past six years, with an opportunity to win their fifth state championship in those six years.

— Robert Woodruff,


Making care affordable

“Affordable healthcare” in one form or another is here to stay. It is needed.

General-practice doctors are being run out of the market by nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Many aspects surround the details; however, with collective physician oversight, the NPs and PAs provide most of the primary health services at greatly reduced costs.

As needed, referrals are made to specialist doctors. It is safe and where medicine is headed.

The AMA uses “safety” to be an antagonist, but it isn’t hard to see through this veil. Financial loss, or gain, drives their efforts.

New medical students should focus their skill sets on specialties and allow runny noses and fevers to a group that is more than qualified to handle it and for less expense.

— Rick Lee,

Fort Worth


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