Letters to the Editor

The Tea Party: The best hope for America or a cabal of scoundrels?

A new Texas Tribune poll shows Texans want their congressional representatives to vote based on the beliefs of their constituents, with half saying there should be no compromises and 71 percent voicing disapproval of Congress as a whole.

And for Republicans, who dominate the state, the view of constituents increasingly leans to the Tea Party. Pollsters said 43 to 44 percent of GOP voters in the primary March 1 will be Tea Party Republicans.

That means in Texas, the Tea Party can’t be ignored. How do you view the Tea Party — good for Texas, neutral or bad?


The Tea Party is the best thing that has happened to Texas and America. In 2009, at LaGrave Field in Fort Worth on Tax Day, our Tea Party was born.

It is reminiscent of the original Boston Tea Party that protested the the repression of the new American colonies by the British. We supported Ted Cruz and other patriotic conservatives and constitutionalists.

George Reagan, Fort Worth


Selfishness, fear-mongering, intolerance and lack of charity are characteristics that may lie within each of us, but which we all try to hide and overcome. The Tea Party parades them as civic virtues.

Basing a political movement on pettiness and ignorance does not serve our country well.

Dennis Novak, Fort Worth


Why are people so leery of the Tea Party? They believe in fiscal responsibility, follow the Constitution and limited government. What’s not to like?

Carol Agnos, Arlington


When did the word compromise become an obscenity?

If members of the extreme right wing were to brush up on U.S. history, they would learn that our government was founded on compromise. The act that made our legislative branch bicameral is referred to as “The Great Compromise.”

If you want to call yourself a patriot, you should know a little bit about U.S. history.

Don Martin, Arlington


The Tea Party is bad not just for Texas but the entire nation. Misinformed Tea Party members have been duped into being tools of the billionaire Koch brothers.

The Kochs cloak their agenda by financing the Tea Party to support what can be considered reasonable conservative views, such as lowering the federal deficit, gun rights, limiting women’s reproductive rights.

However, the Kochs then sneak in their real money-making agenda by fighting environmental regulations so that the businesses owned by Koch Industries can continue to pollute our air and water.

Mark Boone, Arlington


The Tea Party was birthed out of the hard-left swing by the Democrats. Regulations of thousands of pages, suppression of our liberties, out-of-control spending. And now they bleat because their targets are shooting back. My, my.

Burt E. Ballentine, Keller


As a whole, the Tea Party is an evil organization. I know a few folks who are members, and some are good and decent, but they are very misguided.

One reason that our Congress has such a low approval rating is the Tea Party. It seems that their favorite word is “no.” They’re bad for Texas and bad for our country.

Al Vincent, Arlington


The Tea Party should be good for Texas and the country. When our national government is in such a worthless place and really needs a talking to, a great idea like the Tea Party had a chance to bring some good old Yankee wisdom to what is happening (or not) in Washington.

John F. Williams, Granbury


The Tea Party grows by great numbers!

Those critical must not realize it is the most patriotic and politically active group of average Americans out there, who seek everything good for all! They stick to the founding principles which made this country the leader of the free world.

Attend a local meeting to see their love for America and hopes for our future.

Sam V. Akins,

North Richland Hills


The Tea Party is the most destructive political movement in our history. They are deaf to any idea with which they disagree and simply beat their heads against the wall over and over again.

Our own Ted Cruz is the shining example of futility, repeatedly saying “no” and proposing no bill that had a chance of becoming law.

Politics is the art of the possible. This requires negotiation, which the Tea Party abhors.

Gardner Davis, Granbury


Not only is the Tea Party good for Texas, it is good for the entire country because it is the only group that is demanding that our leaders adhere to constitutional principles.

If the politicians in charge disregard laws, make up laws and ignore the Constitution, the country is in chaos.

Clista Hancock, Arlington


The Tea Party is bad for Texas, children and other living things. It’s a boil on the backside of humanity.

W.A. Davis, Azle


Many people turn the term “Tea Party” into a negative label, attempting to stigmatize those they consider the far-right lunatic fringe.

Tea Partiers, however, are simply normal citizens who want to maintain individual sovereignty upon which this country was founded and not bow to the deity of progressive big-government elitism.

The Tea Partiers were the ones who rose up in the midterm elections of 2010 and 2014 and yelled: Enough! The stand taken by the grassroots Tea Party citizens in those elections was good for the country and Texas, and will be still.

Gary Hancock, Arlington


The Tea Party offers a lot of complaints but few worthy solutions to our problems. So what good is it?

Ed Lindsay, Fort Worth


It would have been better for the U.S. had the Tea Party candidates been elected during George W. Bush’s administration.

Those Republicans assisted Bush in putting some $30 trillion in debt on the books.

David Jackson, Arlington


I’ve observed through personal interactions that the Tea Party is particularly appealing to scoundrels, con artists and unscrupulous businessmen who decry “excessive” government regulation mostly because they want those protective barriers between them and your wallet removed.

Is this good for Texans?

Probably only for those who perceive a right to the contents of your bank account any way they can get them.

Mark Rush, Arlington


The Tea Party seems to be comprised almost entirely of uninformed, ill-informed, frightened people, who cannot seem to grasp the fact that all Americans, even those different from themselves, have exactly the same rights as they do.

When those defined as “other” are seen to be exercising those rights, people in the Tea Party feel themselves and “their way of life” to be under attack.

Tea Party folk also seem to have a problem understanding that in this country the basic human rights of all people, even non-citizens, are protected by the law and the Constitution.

In sum, the Tea Party is about as un-American a bunch of folks as you can find.

Paul R. Schattman, Arlintgton