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No ‘war on Christmas’; pick and choose; terrorism and ‘torture’; open carry benefits

No war on Christmas

“Happy holidays,” “holiday trees,” war on Christmas. All I have to say is, “Bah! Humbug.” ’Tis the season. Now get on with it.

Enjoy it any way you personally like. If you like saying “merry Christmas,” say it without any reservations.

If you get a “happy holidays” in return, keep in mind that there are 13 other religious and cultural days of celebration between now and the end of the year. This is a fact many refuse to acknowledge.

Also, try and remember that Dec. 25 is the only religious holiday marked in red on calendars. Government offices are closed, schools are closed and the vast majority of businesses are closed in respect.

This is unique in our country, as it gives special privilege to Christian tradition.

Does this really sound like a war on Christmas?

The only war being waged is a war by some in an effort to diminish the respect for other religions and cultures this time of year.

If you are part of that group and if Jesus is your “reason for the season,” please keep in mind that he never taught divisiveness and exclusion.

Whether you hear “merry Christmas” or “happy holidays,” I bet your figgy pudding will taste just as figgy.

— Larry Gwaltney, Fort Worth

Pick and choose

I have given careful consideration to the president claiming the right to pick and choose which laws he wishes to enforce.

I have concluded from that thoughtful process that I can accept that blatant breach of his oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land if he will accept my right to pick and choose which laws I wish to obey.

— Richard McCook, Bedford

Terrorism and ‘torture’

Suppose you have loved ones on a flight over the Atlantic that’s carrying a bomb set to go off in 10 minutes.

You also have a terrorist in custody who knows how to quickly disarm the bomb, but he’s not talking.

According to the president, you should:

▪ Ask the terrorist how to disarm the bomb.

▪ Ask the terrorist again very nicely how to disarm the bomb.

▪ Go ahead and finish the back nine.

— Hugh W. Savage, Fort Worth

Torture of POWs is illegal and disgraceful under any circumstances.

The world condemns it and condemns the U.S. for it. Allies are harder to find. It strengthens ISIS recruiting by demonizing the U.S. It undermines U.S. domestic support for the war on terror. Our patriots didn’t sacrifice so our government can operate outside the law in secret torture rooms.

No one is safe when that happens. Thus, it is hugely counterproductive to the war on terror regardless of any info gain. It is hypocritical for the U.S. to condemn the Islamic State for torturing and killing POWs if we do the same.

— Steve Hadley, Benbrook

Open-carry benefits

I support the proposed law change to allow open-carry of handguns (“Texas weighs allowing open carry of handguns,” Dec. 14).

The concept of open-carry would be no different than seeing your local police officer or sheriff’s deputy who already carries a weapon clearly in sight.

Critics claim that thugs could overpower a person carrying a pistol. While that is theoretically possible, it is more likely that the hoodlum wouldn’t mess with that person.

It would be the virtual equivalent of having a citizen peace officer in the room.

I don’t think Texas would labeled a “gun capital.” There was an old slogan about guns in my birth city of Wichita, Kan.:“Fear no man regardless of his size. Keep me with you always; For I will Equalize.”

— James A. Marples,



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