Letters to the Editor

Houston ballot; Greene and emails

Houston ballot

In the middle of the Sunday editorial about the defeat of the Houston rights ordinance (“Voter fear scuttles rights ordinance”) were the words gender identity, as if we all agree that should be part of civil rights, like race or religion.

It seems as if the Editorial Board was saying it should be legal for a man to go into a girls’/women’s restroom or locker room if he feels he identifies as a female.

It’s hard to believe we are even talking about this in America, let alone in Texas.

Someone tell me where the meeting is to stop this madness. No wonder we’re so polarized.

Dave King, Fort Worth


Voters in Houston defeated a civil rights ordinance because of shameful Tea Party tactics.

Their propaganda spreads fear and hatred for anyone and anything different from their narrow-minded thinking.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said we have nothing to fear but fear itself, but the far right wing depends on fear for its existence.

“Fear the foreigner,” “Fear the federal government,” “Fear the ‘godless liberal.’ ” “They’re going to take away your religious liberty,” your guns, whatever you hold most dear, etc. “The sky is falling.”

I’ve lived all my 67 years in Texas and I won’t stand by while bigotry, fear and ignorance rule this once-great state.

Gail McCoy, Fort Worth


In reference to George Michael Sherry’s Sunday letter (“Houston vote”): I’m not a native Texan, but I support the values of this great state.

In Texas, as with the majority of the country, people are tiring of having issues they do not believe in crammed down their throats.

To call people stupid because they don’t agree with you shows the very intolerance and in fact ignorance that Sherry supposedly objects to.

Richard B. Lilly,

Haltom City


Sherry described Houston voters who voted to repeal a pro-gay law as having anti-rational superstitions, as being impenetrably stupid, incurably lazy, narrow-minded, ignorant fools and filled with fearful bigotry.

Sherry can say anything he wants about Houston voters and Christians. The New International Version translation of the Bible has described same-sex relations.

The NIV uses these words to describe same-sex relations: detestable, perversion, degrading, wicked and shameful lust.

Sherry has his description of Houston’s voters; the Bible has a description of same-sex relations.

Billy Joe “Bill” Mahanay, Burleson

Greene and emails

It’s bad enough to listen to Richard Greene routinely attack “big government” after he was given a crony job as regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, for which he was qualified neither by education nor experience.

Now we’ve got to listen to his nonsensical attack on the Hillary Clinton emails. (See Sunday column, “It shouldn’t be so easy to escape these federal crimes.”)

Greene bemoaned the Department of Justice’s decision not to prosecute IRS officials, but several Republican congressional investigations found no wrongdoing.

Then he segued to a sanctimonious discussion on how he abided by email rules. Greene tells us it’s a crime to delete emails, forgetting that more than 22 million were lost by the George W. Bush administration.

As DOJ has noted, there were no rules in place during Hillary’s tenure forbidding what she did.

I don’t so much mind a partisan hack. What bothers me is an incompetent one.

Brian Farrington,

Fort Worth