Letters to the Editor

Benghazi affair; Obamacare; Misleading cartoon; Earthquakes

Benghazi affair

With every disaster or global catastrophe, an understanding of the cause is fluid, and it changes as more information is known. This is happening now with the Russian air disaster in Egypt.

When this same dynamic took place after the Benghazi attack, the Republican machine saw an opportunity to use this temporary uncertainty and the dissemination of information to discredit first the administration and later Hillary Clinton.

Each day’s understanding of the then-known facts becomes yesterday’s lie.

It’s not so much that the machine has used this for political purposes, but that so many people are so gullible to believe that someone with half a brain would lie today for some future political gain, knowing full well that new clarifying facts will come out tomorrow and the day after — and eventually the actual cause.

Of course if Richard Greene says it’s so, it must be.

R.S. Adams, Fort Worth


The president’s signature healthcare law is about to take a major hit.

Healthcare co-ops were established in 23 states as a way to control healthcare costs. In recent weeks, half of those co-ops have gone out of business, jettisoning nearly 900,000 people who must now seek policies elsewhere.

Because the co-ops were designed to be lower-priced, they attracted mostly less healthy people needing greater care.

As these people seek policies, their costs will balloon, and when the last of the co-ops collapse that will put more people on the open market. As insurers pick up these less-healthy people as policyholders, premium costs will accelerate rapidly.

It’s time to rethink the Affordable Care Act and perform major surgery. The president was wrong on keeping your doctor, keeping you plan and the average family reducing cost by $2,500.

Sadly we will have to wait for him to leave office before anything will be done.

Rick Weintraub, Arlington

Misleading cartoon

After seeing the Nov. 1 cartoon by Jim Morin of the Miami Herald, I was convinced that the police have a lot of work to do with the media.

The cartoon depicted an officer drawing a gun in a classroom and shouting, “Freeze! Drop that spitball and put your hands up!!”

The illustration raised more doubt about the many fine police officers and, in my opinion, put them in even more danger.

I didn’t say they were perfect, but such a misconception adds fuel to a fiery discussion and has no productive purpose.

Bob Newton, Granbury


Now that’s comedy: The Texas Railroad Commission says drilling industry wastewater disposal wells have nothing to do with the earthquakes near them.

Did anyone expect anything different in a state where the controlling politicians are in the pocket of Big Oil?

Arthur Payne, Arington