Letters to the Editor

Boy and his clock; In God We Trust; Alvarado’s image

Boy and his clock

Letter writers have applauded the actions of Irving school officials and police (“Boy with the clock,” Sept. 20)

I don’t know if the writers saw CNN’s interview in which the police chief emphasized students’ safety.

When the reporter pressed the chief about police not evacuating the school, the chief had no answer and just said he was still collecting information.

The bottom line: The school’s initial actions were appropriate.

But once they had determined that the boy’s device was not a bomb, why were the police involved, why was the boy handcuffed, why was he suspended, and why was he questioned without his parents present?

Yes, the photos show a clock that would make anyone suspect, but I think the boy’s Muslim-sounding name clouded the sanity of the decision-makers.

I’m all for safety and security, but the extent of psychological shock to which this boy was subjected is beyond my comprehension.

R.K. Jain, Bedford

In God We Trust

It’s mind-boggling that, in addition to police chiefs promoting “In God We Trust” decals on patrol cars, there is not an outcry about Tax Assessor-Collector Ron Wright printing the same slogan on our tax notices. (“The slogan is great, but why use it to stir fears?,” Fruiday),

Our property taxes are high enough without him inflicting his religious views upon us via the U.S. Postal Service.

Consider this: If an individual with a different religious persuasion headed this office, would the populace tolerate “Allahu akbar” on tax notices?

David Roll, Colleyville

Alvarado’s image

Recent news reports described how a respected Burleson youth coach was arrested months after a game and accused of calling an Alvarado police captain a vulgar name.

The motive was vindictive and mean-spirited — particularly putting her in prison garb and holding her for six hours.

The Alvarado chief issued a sophomoric announcement blaming coach Jessica Curs and reporters to defuse the backlash of criticism.

Alvarado’s image has been damaged globally! How costly will the settlement be?

Bob Mhoon, Arlington