Letters to the Editor

For the rich?; bomb on wheels; alley dog runs; bumper stickers; new police chief; Justice Roberts; Biden candidacy

For the rich?

The Environmental Protection Agency, with its high-tech equipment, missed the Volkswagen cheating scandal, which a relatively small university research group found.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s massive computer logging failed to connect the dots on the GM key fob scandal, but a handful of CBS News investigators did.

And a Congress owned by big pharma (among others) refuses to limit the markup on prescription drugs, resulting in rich thieves like the one who raised the price of a life-or-death pill from $13.50 to $750, although it costs just $1 to make each pill.

The Supreme Court rules that billionaires are entitled to a bigger voice than ordinary folk.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think it’s become government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. All while puppets of the 1 percent try to convince us it’s only people on the other end of the social spectrum who work the system.

Jack Bowen, Fort Worth

Bomb on wheels

The next time you are behind a food truck, look at what is in front of you.

That big propane tank is a bomb on four wheels. These tanks are not in a cage. They’re just held in place by a strap.

Cities should make sure tanks are enclosed.

Randy Geisel, Arlington

Alley dog runs

For enhanced security and to keep the grass down, alleys can be made into dog runs.

Prerequisites: Good neighbors caring for good-natured dogs and a few basic rules, coupled with a nonverbal communications system to indicate occupancy, etc.

Jeff Harper, Fort Worth

Bumper stickers

Bumper stickers tell a lot about what we believe.

It appears to me, based on bumper stickers, that Texas drivers care more about cats and dogs than about the unborn child.

Harold L. Smith, Arlington

New police chief

A new Fort Worth police chief has been selected.

As usual, the city manager spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to select a new chief. As usual, he picks one from outside the department.

Mind you, this man might be the nicest guy ever and might be a really good chief where he is, but this is Cowtown, far from the East Coast!

I have no problem with a black man as chief. But right under the city manager’s nose is a highly qualified black command officer who knows the job here, knows the troops and, for the most part, is well respected by the troops! Why not?

Don’t tell me the city manager knows what the troops want or what it really takes to do the job and do it right. Just look in the past!

Dale Allen, Hurst

Justice Roberts

Two Sunday letters (“Judicial activism”) responding to a commentary on Chief Justice John Roberts accused him of being a judicial activist in the two Obamacare Supreme Court challenges.

Roberts was nominated by George W. Bush in 2005, after Bush’s re-election. The Senate vote to confirm was 78-22, with every Republican voting for confirmation.

If you don’t like judicial activists like Roberts, don’t re-elect false conservatives like Bush.

Ross Burgess, Bedford

Biden candidacy

Note to Joe Biden: It takes lots of gold to run for president. Just ask Rick Perry and Scott Walker.

Before you decide to run against Hillary, you should know that all the gold in California is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in Donald Trump’s name. Ask him.

Don Woodard Sr., Fort Worth