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Trump phenomenon; garden lanterns; same old pols; scouting; giving back; Perry is out

Trump phenomenon

After reading the Star-Telegram’s coverage of Donald Trump in Dallas, I admit to now being in awe at his oratorical skills. Forget that first Republican president’s Gettysburg Address. Too old school. Too boring.

Here’s Trump giving a summary of his platform: “We are going to have so many victories ... and they are going to be great victories and we are going to have them all the time.”

His word choice just might make it to the third-grade level, of course, with absolutely no depth and no details. It’s as if he designed his discourse especially for Fox News viewers.

But let me make clear, I’m not against Trump. As a lifelong liberal Democrat, I’m hoping, I’m praying he will be the Republican nominee in 2016. Please, my Republican brethren, vote Trump.

You will awaken the sleeping giant of the Latino vote, and my side will win big. It’ll be a great victory for a better, more inclusive America.

— Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue,

Fort Worth


I have taken some liberties with a quote by the British philosopher Bertrand Russell, but I think it applies to the current political climate: “Extreme hopes” — Trump — “are born from extreme misery.”

— John Gregory, Richland Hills

Garden lanterns

In reference to Bud Kennedy’s Aug. 30 column, “Garden gate gets new look, and 1965 donors finally get a thank-you”:

Just for the record, it was my late wife, Mrs. Jack Parker (Louise) Jones, then president of the Garden Club Council of Fort Worth, who, upon learning that Montgomery Ward was planning a facelift, went to them and asked for and received the donation to the Botanic Garden of the antique lanterns that now grace its entry.

— Jack P. Jones, Fort Worth

Same old pols

I find it interesting that many presidential candidates promise no increase in taxes, but very few offer any realistic suggestions on how to reduce our $16 trillion federal debt.

If the Supreme Court has determined that corporations are individuals, then why don’t corporations have to pay their fair share of income taxes?

It’s amazing how many people want changes in this country but keep voting for the same old politicians.

— Edward Lindsay, Fort Worth


With parents stretched so thin, the teacher has become the rudder for many kids, guiding them away from societal pitfalls and moral corruption.

This cannot rest solely with our teachers!

There is a marvelous program whose existence is dedicated to teaching character, leadership and citizenship. Scouting teaches children to plan, lead, sacrifice, do their best and to earn ranks and awards, while focusing on duty to God, country and self.

It does not take a village to raise a child today. It takes a Cub Scout pack, a Boy Scout troop, or a Venturing crew to support parents in providing children a moral alternative.

— Jim Hamilton, Colleyville

Giving back

Last Friday marked the 14th anniversary of the tragic and horrendous attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Opinions toward Muslims soured and are still largely the same. But the Ahmadiyya Muslim community is combating this negative opinion in a peaceful and meaningful way by holding blood drives in honor of the victims of 9-11.

By doing this, we are helping give back to the country and fighting the wrong impression of Muslims that has been created by un-Islamic acts carried out by terrorists.

— Haseeb Sheikh, Allen

Perry is out

Goodbye Rick Perry. One down, 16 to go.

None of the remaining Republican candidates is qualified to be president.

— Al Vincent, Arlington


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