Letters to the Editor


We’ve been sold a bill of goods

The rains came and we had what at least one official termed a “500-year flood.” I fully expected to return to find West Seventh Street under water and extensively damaged.

However, the levees held and the water coursed down the Trinity River. But isn’t Trinity Uptown meant to prevent flooding from those 500-year events?

We’ve been sold a billion-dollar bill of goods. It’s about economic development that will spend our tax dollars to prepare largely contaminated land for development.

It will increase the tax base within the developed area and those increases will stay within the tax increment financing district where development is taking place. You will continue paying for your city services as well as those in the TIF.

The Trinity Uptown development that was created with your money will keep your money and theirs too.

— Clyde Picht, Fort Worth

Open carry

With the open-carry law now passed, what’s next? More AK-47s? If so, God help us! Refugees from other countries fled their former homelands for that very reason.

— Mauricio Duque, Fort Worth

The Greatest Generation

The Allied invasion of German-controlled Europe on June 6, 1944, known as D-Day, resulted in more than 200,000 Allied causalities, dead or wounded.

They fought and died to keep us free and to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation. That is why they are known as “The Greatest Generation.”

Our people, young and old, need to be reminded of the sacrifices that our military personnel of past and present make for us each day.

— Bill Palmer, Arlington

Were it not for those brave men, there very well might not be Fort Worth anniversaries, Rolling Stones concerts or races at Texas Motor Speedway.

— Bob Dorcy, Fort Worth


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