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Teenage pregnancy; gun-fighting myths; tree-trimming troubles; more on diversity; DMV disaster

Tree-trimming troubles

I watched today as approximately 15 trucks and approximately 40 members of Oncor’s tree-trimming company descended on my street.

It appears that we have lost all social graces, including simply asking permission to enter your property.

I talked with their representative about the advisability of trimming oak trees this time of year due to oak wilt. They shrugged and said that it was OK.

My heart goes out to everyone who has to endure this devastation every seven or so years. We will survive but our graceful old trees might not and that would be a travesty.

— Carla Wright, Fort Worth

Teenage pregnancy

I read Tina Hester’s column, “Measure restricts legal rights for pregnant teens,” in the Sunday Star-Telegram, and while I may agree somewhat on things she said, over the years I have become opposed to abortion.

I am a 69-year-old male whose mother had me and my brother before she turned 17. She also had less than ideal parents.

She and my dad raised us to be successful adults. My wife’s mother married at 15 and had her first child before 17, eventually having a loving family of five children and many great-grandchildren.

My wife’s younger sister had a baby at 16 and had her adopted.

I agree teen pregnancy isn’t ideal. It limits a young lady’s life choices for sure.

But I am sure my mother and my wife’s mother would tell you raising their children was the most important and enjoyable time of their lives. Different times then, I suppose?

I could end world poverty in 10 years if I could convince teenage girls to not become pregnant by unsuitable, irresponsible or immature mates. And there are a variety of ways to prevent that.

— Ron Criswell, Grapevine

Gun-fighting myths

We’re hearing the same tired old myths in articles lamenting the recent passage of Texas’ open carry legislation.

Despite nearly identical warnings that disagreements would escalate into gunfights if concealed carry were to be enacted, the streets of Texas have mysteriously not run with blood since its passage 20 years ago.

Similarly, Oklahoma and Arizona have demonstrably not turned into free-fire zones of rage since those states enacted their own open carry laws.

— Jason Adams, Southlake

More on diversity

I would like to respond to the letter regarding diversity at a graduation.

We are third-generation immigrants from Italy and (the former) Czechoslovakia who worked to put ourselves through college, married and raised seven children, and chose to homeschool. All of our children paid their way through college.

Just because we chose a different path to educate does not mean we are hostile, ignorant or bigoted.

— Beth Kossuth, Euless

I am tired of hearing about diversity as a desired goal.

Everyone who lives here either came from another country or their ancestors did.

The idea was that the United States was a “melting pot” for diverse groups of people.

Today it seems that the term diversity means division, not assimilation.

Many seem to not be proud to live in this great country.

— Clista Hancock, Arlington

DMV disaster

The new auto registration/inspection system is a disaster!

First the DMV authorizes a sizable fee for an electronic application, then the website is not accessible, and the phone number for assistance has been disconnected.

Even worse, the application-for-the-application states that you can’t have a refund and you can’t go to court to try to get it.

The governor who signed his name to this fraud wants to be president. Just for yuks, lets call it “Perrycare.”

This smells of political contributions all the way through the Legislature.

Another reason Austin is starting to smell inside the city limits.

— Edward Ely, Fort Worth


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