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Conserve water; injustice in Waco; McKinney pool party

Conserve water

Yes, our area lakes are full.

How many years did it take for them to become full? Several.

What do our city leaders do? Remove watering restrictions for all cities in Tarrant County except Fort Worth.

Now is the time to produce strategies to conserve or store this extra water for a future drought, not to give residents the ability to waste it.

Actually, we’re still not completely out of this current drought. Of course, conserving this extra water would be a pro-active approach, something our city leaders have proven that they know nothing about.

Wait until July or August, when we have less than a trace of rain.

The decision to lift watering restrictions will look incredibly dumb.

— Richard French, Arlington

Suicidal behavior

People who disrespect warnings and barricades and get stuck in high water with their vehicles should be fined a minimum of $1,000.

The money should go directly to the fire station that carried out the rescue. Not only are these drivers endangering their own lives, but the lives of rescuers.

It’s a different situation if they’re driving on dry roads and get caught in a flash flood. Entering a road that is covered in water is suicide.

— Gary Vanlith, Richland Hills

Show the evidence

State Rep. Jonathan Stickland of Bedford seems to have an unlimited supply of lunacy.

The latest: “An armed society is a safe society, so any time you have gun control there is far more opportunity to become victims.”

Just what evidence does Stickland have for the claim that gun control increases the probability of being a victim? And increases it as opposed to what? No gun regulation at all?

Absent good evidence, there’s no reason to believe any of this nonsense.

I’d love to see any actual evidence in support of either of these claims.

— Richard Galvin,

Fort Worth

Injustice in Waco

McLennan County officials, including a justice of the peace, district attorney and a state district judge, are blatantly ignoring the Constitution.

Their concept of justice is “just us” — we’ll do as we please.

In my 45 years of serving as an assistant district attorney and then a criminal defense lawyer, I have never seen nor heard of a judicial act so plainly, ethically and legally corrupt.

A first-year law student knows that the arrest of any citizen requires specific probable cause to believe that a specific person violated a specific law.

It is also fundamental law that even if a person were subject to arrest, he or she would be entitled to a prompt hearing before a judge who is required to set a reasonable bond.

Bail is not to be punitive but only sufficient to cause the specific person to show up in court.

The setting of $1 million bonds and interminably delayed hearings is unlawful in itself.

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct should immediately schedule hearings and seriously consider sanctions.

— Tim Evans, Fort Worth

Tollway too fast

With regard to the rate increases, I use the Chisholm Trail every day and am irritated by the 50 mph on the first leg between Interstate 30 and Arborlawn Drive.

This is a maddening speed on such a wide-open beautiful parkway.

I believe the minimum speed should be 65 mph.

John P. Stenger,

Fort Worth

McKinney pool party

To all those who defend the McKinney police corporal by saying that if the teenagers at the pool party had listened to the police, this all could have all been avoided:

Are you the same people who defended and celebrated George Zimmerman shooting an unarmed teenager, when this also could have been avoided had Zimmerman obeyed the police dispatcher who told him not to pursue Trayvon Martin?

Couldn’t be any more black and white.

Jay Fuller, Richland Hills


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