Letters to the Editor

Run the numbers to see just how much money billionaires have

Fort Worth billionaire Ed Bass lead a facility tour of Dickies Arena on Oct. 21.
Fort Worth billionaire Ed Bass lead a facility tour of Dickies Arena on Oct. 21. swilson@star-telegram

Veterans, this is what you deserve

Each year on Nov. 11, we commemorate Veterans Day and honor all who served. Parades at large cities and small towns across Texas and community breakfasts are among the events. Join in this year, whether you’re a veteran or not.

There are more than 1.7 million veterans in Texas. I encourage them to claim the benefits they have earned for themselves, their spouses and families. From education and employment to disability compensation and health care, Texas veterans may call on the Texas Veterans Commission for assistance and to smooth the process.

Further, we can help veterans struggling with crisis to connect with a fellow veteran or with licensed mental health providers. Texas veterans, connect with your Texas Veterans Commission at www.tvc.texas.gov or call 1-800-252-8387.

- Eliseo “Al” Cantu Jr., Chairman, Texas Veterans Commission, Corpus Christi

No prize for the Grand Prix

We were disappointed that there wasn’t a word of coverage in the Star-Telegram about the U.S. Grand Prix Formula 1 race Nov. 3 in Austin. Texas has built a fantastic stadium to host this event, which is watched around the world. It’s much more interesting than NASCAR.

- Klaus and Lee Koch, Colleyville

Really think about the wealth gap

I don’t think the average American realizes just how wealthy our most affluent are. Yes, we have millionaires next door, and we know that some are so frugal and conservative that the word “tax” is like a knife into their hearts.

But what about our billionaires? Suppose you manage to tuck away $250,000 each year. It would take 4,000 years to save $1 billion. Let that sink in. And yet we have multibillionaires in our country, and they were given a tax break by President Donald Trump and the all-Republican Congress in 2017.

All Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are saying is that the wealthiest Americans should pay their fair share to help us fund the building of needed infrastructure, health care, education and responsible, decent-paying jobs.

- Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth

Sportscasters, lay off the blabber

In his Nov. 6 column, “‘We play loud’? Oh, please don’t,” (15A) John M. Crisp bemoans Major League Baseball encouraging the crowds at baseball games to make lots of noise. I agree that stadiums are loud, but so are the TV broadcasts. Even the announcers are drowned out by the added crowd noise.

I suppose it makes us feel we’re part of the game. Of course, my constant complaint is that the TV broadcasters yammer on far too much, often about topics other than the teams.

- Susan Kennemer, Fort Worth

It’s about variety of opinions

To the Thursday letter writer (7A) who complained about the Star-Telegram featuring Pulitzer Prize winner Eugene Robinson’s “dribble” and asked, “Do you think we are ignorant?”: No, sir, not ignorant. Opinionated? Close-minded? Blindly partisan? Ill-informed? Perhaps all of these.

Most newspapers strive to present a balance in opinion columns for readers to compare. If that’s not to your liking, Fox News and many other outlets that are strictly what’s known as “conservative” beckon you.

There, they serve only your favorite flavor of Trumpian Kool-Aid.

- Robert Moore, Fort Worth