Letters to the Editor

Come on, Star-Telegram — where is the coverage of Baylor?

The Star-Telegram shows a bias against Baylor, writes Keith Branyon.
The Star-Telegram shows a bias against Baylor, writes Keith Branyon. Associated Press file photo

So little love for Baylor

The bias that the Star-Telegram shows against Baylor amazes me every day. Your readers would have no clue that Baylor won its football games the last two weeks and is 8-0 because there was so little printed about the games.

Last Thursday night, there were only two college games played in the country, but you could not manage to print even the scores Friday.

You don’t get to excuse non-coverage because the games were late. Wednesday’s World Series game was late, but you somehow found a little space Friday to print a story. Yet you always find space for Mac Engel or one of your other trollers to print a negative Baylor column. I find that pathetic.

- Keith Branyon, Fort Worth

Spare me this leftist’s takes

Are you trying to run off your subscribers? Or do you just think we are all ignorant?

Two of Eugene Robinson’s leftist dribble columns in a week without some kind of counterbalance is almost more than I can take. (Nov. 3, 6A, “The facts are only going to get worse for the president”; Oct. 30, 15A, “Trump deserved boos at ballpark”)

- Alan Dodd, Fort Worth

The left isn’t out to get you

The author of a Tuesday letter to the editor expresses the feeling that Americans are polarized. (9A) A Pew Research Center poll points out that the share of Republicans who have very unfavorable opinions of the Democratic Party has jumped from 17% to 43% in the last 20 years.

Similarly, the share of Democrats with very negative opinions of the Republican Party also has more than doubled, from 16% to 38%. Among those, the vast majority say the opposing party’s policies threaten the nation’s well-being.

I want to assure this letter writer that those to his left also love America and are not intent on destroying, but improving it.

- Clark Smith, Keller

Adults do not ‘have sex’ with kids

The Tuesday story, “Texas woman accused of trafficking children for sex at hotels,” (3A) contains multiple references to an 11-year-old child “having sex” with adult men. Intercourse between a child and an adult is not having sex — it is rape.

By refusing to use the words “rape” or “assault,” the Star-Telegram is contributing to rape culture, an environment in which sexual violence is normalized and excused. You are doing a disservice to your readers and all victims of sexual abuse.

- Anjali Desai, Fort Worth

Hit the nail on the head

Great editorial cartoon Nov. 1 on “the Head of ISIS” being distracted by a few troops leaving Syria. (11A) Kudos to President Donald Trump and our wonderful military for neutralizing another terrorist threat to our nation and the world.

- Nancy Flick, Keller

Wealth shouldn’t be the focus

I see that President Donald Trump has appointed televangelist Paula White to oversee faith outreach. (Nov. 3, 4A, “Newest White House aide is uniquely Trumpian pastor”) She preaches the “prosperity gospel”; that is, if you follow God, he will make you healthy and wealthy.

This is a bad choice, because White is out of touch with reality. Millions of devout people are afflicted with ill health and poverty. Jesus said, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of heaven.”

I might have to vote for Trump because of the alternative. But he is sure not making it easy.

- Thomas F. Harkins Jr., Fort Worth