Letters to the Editor

Liberals talk out of both sides of their boycotting mouths

So it isn’t OK for the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce to criticize Target for supporting gay rights?
So it isn’t OK for the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce to criticize Target for supporting gay rights? Associated Press file photo

It’s OK to oppose ‘LGBTQ agenda’

LGBTQ advocacy groups are upset that the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce posted a tweet critical of Target for donating to an educational group that promotes a pro-gay lifestyle. (Oct. 30, 1A, “LGBTQ concerns grow in Mansfield”)

So it appears LGBTQ groups want to protect some businesses from repercussions for their stance, such as boycotts. And yet, such groups are eager to boycott businesses that disagree with the LGBTQ agenda.

Liberals seem to think that only they are entitled to their opinion and that everyone else is entitled only to agree with them.

- Mike Jones, Fort Worth

This senator is taking action

A Tuesday letter writer urges the U.S. Senate to take action to protect our elections. I agree that foreign election interference undermines Americans’ voting power, and as your senator, I take these threats seriously.

The Senate, with my support, has passed bipartisan legislation to make hacking a voting system a federal crime. We have also voted to prohibit foreigners who interfere in our elections from entering the United States. Both bills await House action.

I supported $380 million for the Help America Vote Act Election Security Fund, which helps states secure elections from interference by cyber criminals and foreign governments.

Texas has been awarded more than $23 million to secure its election infrastructure.

I’ll keep working with my colleagues in both parties to ensure that your vote matters.

- Sen. John Cornyn, Austin

Tell me something I didn’t know

After Thursday’s front-page headline, “Ted Cruz opposes impeachment inquiry,” what revelations come next? Water is wet? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west?

- Jack Ramsey, Roanoke

Cruz’s rights and also his wrongs

Sen. Ted Cruz has every right to oppose the impeachment inquiry, but his reasoning is unsound.

Remember that Republicans barred others from entering the Hillary Clinton hearings about her activities as secretary of state during the Benghazi attack. Second, the Constitution makes no mention of political parties when discussing impeachment. Finally, the current proceeding is about America, not the president.

If any political leader is permitted to solicit the assistance of a foreign nation to make inquiries about a potential rival, our democracy is over.

- Martin N. Goldsmith, Fort Worth

College athletes already get plenty

Everyone knew paying college athletes when their images are used for commercial purposes was coming. (Oct. 29, 3B, “NCAA may allow athletes to profit from their names”) But aren’t they already compensated? Show me a student who wouldn’t step in front of a camera in exchange for free tuition, room and board.

Here’s an idea: If an athlete gets too much endorsement money, give his or her scholarship to a regular student. Nah, it’ll never happen.

- Jeff Murray, Weatherford

By contrast, I was treated well

A letter Tuesday criticized employees at the Tarrant Appraisal District. (9A) For eight years, I have protested the evaluations of our residence and a rental property my wife and I own. I have been treated with the utmost courtesy and positive attitudes by appraisal district staff members. An error in one of my appraisals was corrected, and the professionalism and courtesy exhibited in each office was outstanding.

- Charles Nixon, Fort Worth