Letters to the Editor

Fort Worth diversity candidates all look similar to my eyes

Not much diversity can be found in candidates for a new position in Fort Worth.
Not much diversity can be found in candidates for a new position in Fort Worth. Bigstock

Read the text before you vote

Please be sure to read state Proposition 4 carefully before voting. Most will probably see “state income tax” and think, “That’s a no.” But a yes vote means you do not want such a tax.

Clever wording by our wonderful politicians.

- Lynn Miller, North Richland Hills

Doesn’t sound like a sure thing

Before Arlington residents vote on the proposed $966 million school bond package, they may want to consider the following questions: Do we want to double the district’s debt? What will the interest be on the new debt? (Oct. 16, 3A, “Arlington schools plan to replace aging campuses”)

At the bottom of each campus projects page is the disclaimer: “This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change.” Are we going to get what we vote for, or is it a shell game?

Perhaps the adage “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” fits. I will not be hoodwinked again.

- Donna Korman, Arlington

Doesn’t look very diverse to me

Looking at Fort Worth’s candidates for the new city position of diversity director, I do not see any diversity among the six African American candidates. (Oct. 27, 1A, “Diversity director applicants to be at town hall”)

Are Latinos, Asians, whites or people of any other group not qualified? If so, the new city department and the position’s title are misnomers.

- Ricardo Schulz, Fort Worth

Rude response to appraisal problems

In regards to Sunday’s editorial on the appraisal protests, I have yet to encounter a group of more graceless, entitled and rude employees than those who work for our appraisal district. (4B, “Can we get a little service here? Tarrant taxpayers deserve more on appraisal protests”)

Who is in charge of these people? When I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with them, I’ve resorted to writing complaint letters.

- Julie Wende, Fort Worth

Before making class changes …

Adapting colleges to the needs of modern students might make sense in some cases. (Oct. 24, 1A, “Tarrant County colleges want to adapt to needs of modern students”) However, before implementing any across-the-board student success programs, I encourage college leaders to reach out to faculty members.

Listen to their comments and concerns regarding the mixing of high school students with older students, as well as the return of students who have taken classes that are prerequisites for other classes.

And make students understand that they are expected to complete their assignments on their own and reach out for help when they need it. Work ethics should be emphasized to prepare students for the workplace.

- Yipsi Schulz, Fort Worth

The best at being the worst

I am an 80-year-old native Texan who has voted for Democratic and Republican governors and presidents. All these have had human flaws. But none has come anywhere close to the worst president I’ve ever heard or seen: Donald Trump.

The author of an Oct. 26 letter to the editor says Trump is the best he’s seen. I wonder where he gets his news. He needs to view more balanced channels and read more balanced newspapers.

Truth matters. Facts matter. Values matter. Trump’s actions show that he believes in none of these.

Impeachment can’t come soon enough for me.

- Helen Dement, Keller

No more GOP of Everett Dirksen

Rep. Ron Wright’s recent blather about the Republican pizza brigade storming the secure congressional hearing in the impeachment inquiry was unconscionable. (Oct. 26, 1A, “Ron Wright explains why he helped storm secure impeachment room”) He is a normal Republican these days, devoid of integrity and bloated with self-importance.

The likes of Sen. Everett Dirksen will never be seen again in the Republican Party.

- Jeri Chilcutt, Weatherford

About election security, not party

With clear evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election, why have our senators done nothing to secure the 2020 election from foreign tampering? If we lose trust in the fairness of our election process, our democracy is effectively dead.

I expect Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to act with the urgency this issue demands and stop blocking election security bills. They must put the interests of our country over the interests of their party.

- Michelle Granden, Fort Worth