Letters to the Editor

Beto O’Rourke shows us that the Democrats hate Christianity

This is not a matter for the public

Cynthia Allen’s column Friday ends by saying, “Just leave the 7-year-old out of it.” (15A, “Transgender activism taken too far in case”) Indeed, that’s what she and other media outlets should have done with the recent viral story involving a transgender youth in Texas.

Conservative media outlets and Republican politicians have sensationalized the case and invited uninformed scrutiny into this child’s life and family dispute.

The issue of treatment of gender identity in children is more complex than Allen and others misrepresent. But for now, the only thing this child needs is love, safety and affirmation.

That is, in fact, what all children need, out of the eyes of the nosy public.

- Emily M. Farris, Fort Worth

Big part of the story left out

I am deeply troubled that some Republican members of Congress barged into a secure facility to disrupt testimony on aid to Ukraine. (Oct. 24, 10A, “Republicans disrupt impeachment deposition”) Even more troubling is that the Star-Telegram did not list the names of the representatives who did this. Other media reports indicate that my own congressman was one of them.

- R.K. Crowley, Arlington

Law and order, only Trump-stlye

Our supposedly pro-law enforcement president has not condemned the GOP members of the House of Representatives who stormed in and shut down the impeachment inquiry. The president seems to be very comfortable with the behavior of his followers stopping cold one of our legitimate congressional processes with mob rule.

- Jim Sanderson, Fort Worth

Baylor fans in the wilderness

The lack of Baylor football coverage in the Star-Telegram, other than Mac Engel’s columns, is laughable. High schools get stories; Baylor gets nuggets from The Associated Press.

You severely underestimate the number of Baylor alums and Baylor football fans in the Fort Worth area.

- James Lott, Weatherford

The essence of a senseless death

The tragic killing by a police officer of Atatiana Jefferson, a young woman playing video games in her own house, makes me sick because it was so stupid.

It wasn’t a 911 call. The police should have checked the perimeter, then turned on their patrol car’s emergency lights and, on a loudspeaker, told people inside to come out immediately and identify themselves.

- Richard Marks, Fort Worth

O’Rourke shows Democrats’ hatred

In 2004, Barack Obama said: “What I believe is that marriage is between a man and a woman.” Many Democrats did not hold that against him. Fast forward to today, and Beto O’Rourke says he would support revoking the tax-exempt status of religious institutions — colleges, churches and charities — if they oppose same-sex marriage. And very few Democrats disagreed.

Today, I believe the majority of Democrats are in favor of socialism over capitalism, abortions through the entire nine-month pregnancy, free taxpayer-funded health insurance for illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities. O’Rourke shows where his party is headed with Christianity.

This increase in hatred for all things Christian will be the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party, and it will be well-deserved.

- Mike Cloud, Lubbock