Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump rises above the Democrats’ hatred to do great things

Donald Trump: the greatest American

God bless President Donald Trump. He is a dedicated, unselfish American. He serves our country every day amid heated and hateful resistance from the Democrats, all while donating his salary to the Treasury for various federal departments. All Americans should be thankful for his vast accomplishments in his first term.

- Rick Murr, Colleyville

Kurds won’t take responsibility

Reading about residents of a Kurdish-dominated Syrian city throwing potatoes at U.S. military vehicles as they were leaving infuriates me. Do these people not know they should be learning how to defend their country themselves?

This makes me think about how I once offered to help a relative who was having hard times. After several months, I said I’d done all I could and was told, “I knew you would do this.”

The U.S. cripples these people by not preparing them for when we eventually leave.

- Verdonna Durham, Fort Worth

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

I’m tired of Republicans’ misuse of already-approved funds for their pet projects, such as the one detailed in the Oct. 17 story, “Wall gets funds from Pentagon anti-heroin effort.” (5A)

Walls don’t stop invaders. They never have and never will. Republicans should get their own funds instead of taking others’. When the Democrats take over, I hope they’ll investigate and prosecute.

- Jack Brocious, Grapevine

The future will judge our leaders

Regarding the possible impeachment and trial of President Donald Trump: Moral courage is easy to spot, despite its rarity. Gov. Sam Houston was removed from office for standing on principle but is revered today for putting national interests above his own and his party’s.

It will be fascinating to look back and see who among U.S. senators and representatives from Texas will be venerated for their courage, like Houston, or despised for their cowardice.

- Eli Peace Cox III, Austin

We need answers about policy

My condolences go out to the Jefferson family, especially Zion, the 8-year-old witness to the horrific murder of his aunt, Atatiana. This tragic case of loss of innocence and life has worldwide ramifications.

There have been at least seven officer-involved shootings this year in Fort Worth, resulting in six deaths. The city shares culpability and needs to do a comprehensive, transparent investigation and change protocol for welfare checks, not shoot first and ask questions later.

- Delores Cantrell, Fort Worth

I see the real White House threat

In the upcoming book “A Warning,” an anonymous senior official of President Donald Trump’s White House says unelected and unknown bureaucrats are protecting us by resisting or ignoring the orders of our duly elected commander in chief. I feel so much better knowing that those folks are standing guard over our democracy.

Yeah, right. All I know is their undying hatred of Trump and their attempt to overturn the result of a democratic election. There are a lot of folks on the left who mean well and dislike Trump immensely. They claim a threat from the right. I sincerely hope they figure out who is really coming after our democracy.

- Bob Cull, Mansfield