Letters to the Editor

Lebron James, Colin Kaepernick and the rest: I don’t care what you have to say

Don’t care what players think

In regards to pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, Lebron James says there are consequences when you voice your beliefs. But he and all the other overpaid, spoiled-brat professional athletes turn around and defend Colin Kaepernick, who chose to protest and is now dealing with his consequences.

That sounds like a double standard.

Your opinion doesn’t matter just because you make a lot of money and may be the best baller ever.

- Mark Gattis, Springtown

Not a problem of skin color

A few years ago, 911 dispatchers sent Fort Worth police to the wrong address and the homeowner, hearing something in his yard, went to investigate with his gun. He was shot and killed. That homeowner was an older white man.

Now, we have a similar situation. Bad information or a breakdown of communication results in another killing by police. This time, it’s a black woman. According to activists, the problem is police wanting to shoot blacks. The facts say otherwise.

The issue needs correcting, for everyone’s safety, and extra police training certainly appears to be warranted. Just as with the military, accurate intelligence and communication are essential, especially at 2 a.m.

- Douglas Uhles, Granbury

Don’t muddy the Trump waters

I don’t mind reading opinion columns I disagree with, but I do have a problem with opinion pieces that spin the facts, such as Jay Ambrose’s commentary Tuesday. (9A, “Trump still not as bad as the Democrats aligned against him”)

Ambrose’s claims about the Iran nuclear deal are suspect at best.

And the claim that Democrats are seeking a dishonest impeachment about President Donald Trump’s deal with Turkey is wrong.

The impeachable offense the Democrats are considering is Trump asking a foreign government for help in digging up dirt on a political opponent, one of many impeachable offenses by this president.

- Charles Clines, North Richland Hills

‘Lynching’ couldn’t be a worse term

President Donald Trump would not recognize a lynch mob if a posse of his white-hooded constituents arrived at Mar-a-Lago wielding guns and a sturdy rope. (Oct. 23, 10A, “Trump likens impeachment inquiry to ‘lynching’”)

Lynching involves a person dangling at the end of a rope looped around his neck until strangled; it does not compare to Trump being strung up on his own lies.

It’s odd that our president would refer to a genocidal hate crime when feeling beleaguered by the truth.

Bitter racism is hard to squelch.

- Mary Alice Altorfer, New Braunfels

Not in that business I’m doing

It’s not unusual or surprising, but President Donald Trump’s comments don’t add up.

Last week, he announced he intended to hold the next G-7 gathering at his Doral property in Florida. The president indicated it would be made available to the government at cost. It prompted concern about conflict of interest and the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

A much more basic question is how the president could make such a commitment when we’ve been told he is totally uninvolved in the family business. It appears he is not only involved, but making decisions.

This is just another failed deception from Trump.

- Alan Abeson, Fort Worth