Letters to the Editor

No need for advice about how to vote on constitutional amendments

Burt E. Ballentine will decide for himself.
Burt E. Ballentine will decide for himself. File photo

I will make up my own mind, thanks

After reading the Sunday editorial, “How Texans should vote on this year’s 10 propositions,” (6B) I thought: What arrogance. Give me a summary or, better yet, a copy of the text of the amendments. But don’t pretend you need to think for me.

- Burt E. Ballentine, Keller

The real fortunes of Harvey

At his recent Dallas rally, President Donald Trump stated that Texas “made a fortune” from Hurricane Harvey. (Oct. 18, star-telegram.com, “Trump on Texas: Dems want to ‘annihilate’ economy, state ‘made a fortune’ on Harvey” ) I want to know how Texans (20,000 in the American Airlines Center and thousands more outside) didn’t have the integrity to get up and leave after such a heartless, insensitive, false and grossly un-American statement.

The storm killed more than 100, left catastrophic flooding and caused more than $125 billion in damage. Houston and surrounding areas were affected for years.

- Jeffrey Friedman, Joshua

People more important than football

I am sorely disappointed with the management of KXAS-TV, NBC 5. With tornadoes on the ground all over Dallas on Sunday evening, causing severe damage and threatening life, you could not interrupt the precious Dallas Cowboys game to warn area residents to protect themselves and their children. Where is your sense of public service?

- William Lawrence, North Richland Hills

Jefferson, Jean victims of pattern

The Star-Telegram’s Oct. 2 editorial about the Amber Guyger case includes a nonsensical statement: “Guyger’s mistakes were particular to the circumstances of the evening.” (13A, “Former Dallas cop Amber Guyger’s guilty verdict is big message”)

Does the Star-Telegram stand behind that, given Atatiana Jefferson’s killing? Are the facts of that case “particular to the circumstances of the evening”?

These cases prove our North Texas police departments face two serious issues: lack of consistent training and a complete failure in mentoring.

Police officers cannot go on believing that policy is fact-specific for any particular evening. Your editorials do nothing to help when you rationalize systemic failure. Stop letting the cops off the hook.

- Stephen Andrew Kennedy, Dallas

Don’t blame officer for a mistake

Though I am saddened by the tragic death of Atatiana Jefferson, I also feel for the young officer. Does that make me a bad person, even racist?

Jefferson pointed a gun at the window the officer was standing outside of. He overreacted and made a terrible mistake. If that makes him a murderer, are all cops murderers when they shoot someone? And call me naïve, but I don’t understand the racial angle. It was 2 a.m. The officer likely couldn’t see her skin color. If the races were reversed, would a black cop be charged with murder?

We don’t need to take a terrible tragedy and now make two tragedies.

- Melissa Stevens, Fort Worth

Walk a mile in police’s shoes

I read with disgust last Thursday’s letters to the editor about how quick to judge Fort Worth police officers are. (11A) These men and women put their lives on the line every day. They are rigorously trained to make snap decisions to ensure the safety of citizens. Occasionally, someone is bound to make a human error, and all of a sudden, the entire police force is called “trigger-happy.”

I wonder if these letter writers could do a better job in this challenging job.

- Don L. Eidson, Fort Worth