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Why didn’t anyone let Billy Joel know he wasn’t in Dallas?

Billy Joel played a hit-filled, two-hour set in front of more than 40,000 fans at Globe Life Park in Arlington on Oct. 12.
Billy Joel played a hit-filled, two-hour set in front of more than 40,000 fans at Globe Life Park in Arlington on Oct. 12. sstevenson@star-telegram.com

Jeers: To the irresponsible person who side-swiped my SUV while backing out of the USMD Hospital at Fort Worth parking lot Oct. 7. A responsible person would have left a name and insurance information.

- Ross Longeway, North Richland Hills

Cheers: To Bunny Gardner and the Friends of the Fort Worth Public Library. Despite a lack of support, these good people provide books at a nominal price to our community. At a time when illiteracy is a serious issue, their service is invaluable.

- Sue Buratto, Fort Worth

Cheers: To all who contributed to and participated in a fun, safe, peaceful and loving LGBT+ Pride Parade in downtown Fort Worth and the Water Garden Festival on Oct. 5. Cheers also to the Tarrant County Pride committee, numerous booths by organizations, various church denominations, the Fort Worth Police Department, friends, allies — and especially the parents who love and accept their LGBT children.

- Rita Cotterly, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the staff at concert venues who are supposed to be responsible for reminding performers where they are appearing before they go on stage. Billy Joel was incredible at his concert at Globe Life Park in Arlington on Oct. 12. However, he began by saying, “Hello, Dallas.” (Oct. 14, 4A, “Billy Joel packs hits into tidy two-hour Globe Life Park show”)

- Carol Hubbard, Arlington

Cheers: To Mrs. Rudd at J.L. Boren Elementary in Mansfield. She is my favorite teacher because she is nice and funny.

- Ethan Sullivan, Mansfield

Jeers: To the Star-Telegram for the new unimproved and incomplete online eEdition facsimile of the printed paper. For years, I have emailed articles from the eEdition. Not now! Don’t try to fix something that’s not broken.

- Harry Price, Fort Worth

Editor’s note: Improvements to the eEdition will be introduced soon, and subscribers will continue to receive updates.

Cheers: To the generous and kind anonymous person who paid for my dinner at Ninja Sushi and Grill on Oct. 16. You made my week, and even though I was eating by myself, I didn’t feel so alone.

- Jenine Doogs, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Parra Car Care, with locations in Euless and North Richland Hills, for exhibiting great honesty as well as superior car care. My brake light came on. I called Ron, who came to my house to take my car to the Euless site. Instead of telling me I needed a brake job, he informed me that the bulb on my dash was simply burned out and needed replacing — at no charge.

- Jo Denton, Bedford

Cheers: To Wade and Joe at Baker Brothers plumbing. They fixed a slab foundation leak quickly, without making a mess, and were very pleasant and professional. They turned an awful situation into a memorable one.

- Sue Mitchell, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the city of Dalworthington Gardens for allowing smoking in restaurants. I guess we will find another place to eat.

- Randy Geisel, Arlington

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