Letters to the Editor

Why should election officials make it easier for students to vote?

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No reason to make voting easy

Bud Kennedy’s Sunday column finally brings to light my belief that college students shouldn’t be allowed to cast their votes in our elections on campus. (1B, “You may not be able to cast your vote on campus anymore”)

The reason for this new state law was the pop-up voting booths that were being created for PTA meetings, football games and so on. That shows the unethical practices of school districts. It’s a conflict of interest for votes on bond issues to be cast that way.

Students are the most able-bodied voting group in the population. They can vote early just like everyone else.

Students should vote, but they should also learn it’s not easy.

- Randy Weeks, Roanoke

Anti-voting tactics shifted

Regarding Bud Kennedy’s excellent Sunday commentary: It is extraordinarily shameful that moves are being taken to restrict access to early voting on college campuses in our area.

Clearly, Republican legislators saw a sea change that they didn’t like and took blatant steps to ensure that students’ voices couldn’t be counted in future votes. The Republicans can’t count on apathy like they used to, so they turn to outright suppression instead.

Let’s take steps to make these once-temporary voting locations permanent so we can keep young people engaged in the political process at the local, state and national levels.

Texans are just now getting a sense that every vote matters, and they shouldn’t be silenced.

- Brian J. Gross, Grapevine

Not surprised at suppression

Shocker: The Republican-controlled legislature is taking away voting machines at local colleges. Voter suppression is real.

My own children were given a hard time when they tried to vote while at college in Texas despite producing proper documents. I have also noticed suburban precincts tend to have much more convenient voting locations compared with those in predominantly minority communities.

Support democracy or we’ll lose it.

- Fred Gregory, Arlington

Can’t help if we don’t know

The Sept. 22 front-page story “Recycling efforts hurt by wrong items put in carts” mentions all the non-recyclable items that residents of Fort Worth and surrounding communities place in recycling tubs. Perhaps better education about what is recyclable would help.

How would I know that clam shell-style plastic containers used to package strawberries, blueberries and pre-washed greens are not acceptable?

Cities, please find a way to let us know. Consider including inserts in our monthly bills.

- Don Miller, Benbrook

Liberals steal children’s time

Several months ago, the progressive left organized a day for children to skip school to protest perceived immigration injustices. Then we were treated to similar drama over our supposedly insufficient response to the climate change “emergency.” (Sept. 21, 8A, “Around globe, young voices demand action on climate”)

Children were somehow motivated to ditch class on two separate occasions with no repercussions.

The next time our liberal friends decide to use children as pawns, they might ask youngsters to protest on a weekend or holiday. I might be more impressed with their seriousness if they were militantly marching on their own time.

- Bill Louthan, Whitney