Letters to the Editor

Trump’s Ukraine inquiry was clearly about 2020 election, so it was corrupt


Separate from the discussion about whether his conduct is impeachable, consider that our president admits to asking the leader of another country to pursue an investigation of a political challenger based on unsubstantiated claims. And he believes it’s a non-issue.

Since the corruption he alleged occurred three years ago under a previous administration, it has no bearing on current relations or serious issues facing Ukraine today. Therefore, the only motivation for the president’s request was political advantage in the 2020 election.

- Paul Park, Fort Worth


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally bent to the will of far-left Democrats and used the “I” word: impeachment. My “I” word for them is: implosion.

They are like a bunch of out-of-control 2-year-olds who didn’t get their own way in 2016 and are forever going to throw tantrums until they’re blue in the face.

I wish there were a way to impeach all of them for their stupidity and not taking care of the business that needs to be done for the people.

- Nancy Williams, Fort Worth


How can lead investigator David Armstrong say he does not believe former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger committed a crime in the shooting of Botham Jean? (Sept. 26, 8A, “Lead investigator doesn’t believe Amber Guyger’s killing of Botham Jean was a crime.”) Anyone in the possession of a weapon cannot afford to be distracted.

As a registered nurse, I am obligated to do no harm to my patients, regardless of how many hours I work during a shift. And if I do any harm, I am held accountable.

Let us not forget there is only one victim here, and that is Mr. Botham.

- Ana Castellanos, Fort Worth


Our secretary of defense needs to stand in front of the American people and apologize for taking funds designated for other purposes and applying them to the stupid border wall.

He then needs to immediately return the funds to the Coast Guard and Federal Emergency Management Agency, to which they were appropriated. He then needs to resign.

- Barbara Price, Fort Worth


An Associated Press article Wednesday spotlighted Kayli Lucas, the participant from a Tennessee First Tee program playing in this weekend’s PGA Champions Tour event at Pebble Beach. (8B, “From orphan in China to playing with pros at Pebble Beach”) Her story is incredible.

However, a little research would have revealed that our own Fort Worth First Tee chapter is honored to have five of our programs’ participants selected to play in this same event. These young women and men represent the best in our youth.

The First Tee builds great character in kids. Its focus is on life skills and core values.

You can be proud that Cowtown has a crown jewel First Tee chapter in our backyard.

- Gary B. Strong, Fort Worth

Note: The writer is president of the board of trustees for The First Tee of Fort Worth.


You ran an opinion piece titled, “A brief history of the Warren presidency.” (Sept. 25, 15A.) Don’t stop there. How about “A beautiful treaty: Putin returns the Crimea in 3 easy steps.” Or “The success story that is the Ivanka Trump presidency.” You could mine the past, too.

I know it was an opinion piece, but it was utterly meaningless. You can choose better items to print. Something relevant would be nice instead of conservative fear-mongering.

- Pat Gentry, Arlington