Letters to the Editor

Democrats are losing, and their impeachment gambit shows it


Again, the liberal-biased Star-Telegram places a Trump-bashing article from New York Times writers on the front page. (Sept. 25, 1A, “House to begin Trump impeachment inquiry on whistleblower report.”)

These Democrats are losing bigtime and trying to take this country down with them. Remember: There are two sides to every story, not just what Democrats and The New York Times say.

- Ken Angyal, Arlington


I read every word of the memo on the telephone conversation between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president, and I can’t see why this idiocy continues. Critics looking for something when nothing is there should be ashamed. Has everyone forgotten Joe Biden bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son fired?

All Trump asked was that the matter be “looked into.” The accusation that Trump “prodded” the Ukrainian president is ridiculous. The American people can see right through this.

- Carol Guarneri, Fort Worth


While President Donald Trump dangled critical military assistance to Ukraine, he asked the Ukrainian president for a “favor” — find dirt on Joe Biden and his son. This was a clear violation of federal law and an impeachable offense. Trump should be impeached for this and many other illegal, corrupt practices.

- Douglas Harman, Fort Worth


Jon Healey’s column on drug costs certainly hit home for this 80-year-old. (Sept. 24, 9A, “Is there any hope for action on drug prices?”) This year, my wife and I have had major increases in drug prices with each refill. One of my medications has increased nearly 200% since January, and that is with Medicare Plan D insurance.

It is way past time for Congress to restrain the pharmaceutical companies, which have had free rein to jack up prices.

- Rick Weintraub, Mansfield


I am convinced TCU football coach Gary Patterson is on the long glide to retirement. His defensive unit was flat as a sheet of paper in the first half against SMU. Whether it was his call or offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie’s to change quarterbacks on fourth-and-1 and try a pass by a cold quarterback, it was absolutely stupid.

Patterson’s glory days are in the rear-view mirror. He has mentally retired.

- John Cawthron Sr., McGregor


I am unhappy with our political atmosphere, and I have heard few solutions for our smugness and “emotional derailment,” as Bob Woodward said recently. (Sept. 21, 6A, “Presidential power leaves US in ‘governing crisis,’ Woodward tells UTA crowd.”) Improving our communication would relieve stress over our political dialogue.

What Woodward called “active listening” is key. Let’s get away from one-upmanship. Let us listen to each other, then step back and consider issues. We should demand that political parties improve the means of choosing candidates. It is imperative to ask that political debates be real, with limited time to speak and respect for different points of view.

- Laureen Geppert Jacobs, Arlington