Letters to the Editor

Strikers at Arlington GM grateful for drivers who are showing their support


As a former president of the Arlington UAW union, I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for our recent strike against General Motors at the Arlington plant and the number of drivers honking in support as they pass. The general public gets that the union stands for the rights of all people to make a decent wage with benefits. I am, however, disappointed at how GM has changed over the past few years and how it’s treating their workers. It used to be a company that bragged “Family First,” but it has become anything but that.

- Johnny Pruitte, Arlington


Another screed from Richard Greene leaves one to hope that his vitriolic pen will soon run dry (Sunday, 5B, “O’Rourke, Castro are embarrassing Texas; time for them to bow out). The “further embarrassment” for Texas is the weekly bore of Mr. Greene’s column. He claims to speak for traditional Texas values, but in no way does he speak for all thoughtful Texans. He stokes fear among gun owners and creates confusion over “remaining barriers to protect us.” His plea for our Texas heritage rings shallow.

It is time for Mr. Greene to bow out. His tainted political views have rendered him one-dimensional.

- Kelly Smitherman, Fort Worth


President Donald Trump is getting the world to see what Iran really is. We have a favorable revised NAFTA agreement up for approval. We are getting closer to a fair China trade deal and mending trade relations with India. We have improved access to Japan’s markets for our agricultural products and are forcing the European Union (especially Germany) to reduce tariffs on American products. We have very low unemployment, lower taxes, less regulation, higher wages, a growing economy and the best minority employment in history. Now the Democrats offer an impeachment inquiry! This makes sense to me only because they fear Trump’s re-election.

- Thomas Lupinacci Sr., Arlington


Former refugee Rose Nyinawimfura writes that while working as a nursing assistant she “likely saved more than a thousand lives a year.” (Sunday, 4B, “Refugees like me often fill critical jobs, so why is the U.S. accepting fewer of us?”) As a retired physician with hospital experience, I question her claim. It makes for a good story but will not withstand honest scrutiny. This article is pure propaganda.

- Jan D. Cochrum, Fort Worth


At a time of the season when the Texas Rangers have long been out of contention and your coverage is reduced to nostalgic puff pieces about the old stadium, how about increasing your coverage of the Houston Astros? They are having an amazing season, they are a Texas team and there are many Astros fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. To give the Astros six lines in the Highlights section when they clinch the division and George Springer hits three homers is an insult. (Monday, 3B, MLB Roundup.)

- Laura Jesberg, Grapevine


The US should not go to war with Iran. Our involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan did not achieve military objectives or long-term stability. War with Iran would likely be even less successful and could lead to war throughout the Middle East. If the Saudis choose to fight Iran, they should do so with their military, not ours. Saudi Arabia is a major violator of human rights. For the U.S. to go to war on the side of such a country would further damage our reputation worldwide.

- Jack Ramsey, Roanoke

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