Letters to the Editor

If signs barring guns won’t work, why would owners agree to give up certain weapons?


In a Sept. 17 letter, the writer states that a sign on a door prohibiting weapons would be ignored by the very people to whom the sign is directed. (9A, “Respect means nothing to a killer”) She then states that banning AR-15s and AK-4s, as suggested by Beto O’Rourke, is the only solution.

So, the same folks inclined to not follow the instructions of a sign on a door will comply with a more intrusive directive and just turn in those weapons? Really?

Why not direct that anyone inclined to use said weapons turn themselves in as well? Good luck with that.

It appears no one can come up with a workable solution. I don’t have one, and neither did your letter writer.

- Jeff Murray, Weatherford


I don’t think anyone would disagree that we have a gun violence problem in this country. The disagreements over solutions, however, are bitter, vitriolic and getting us nowhere. If I say, “Let’s talk about gun control,” you hear, “Ban all guns.” When you say, “You’re not taking my gun,” I hear, “My gun is more important to me than dead children.”

We could change these yelling matches into productive dialogues if gun owners would step up and propose ideas to keep guns out of the wrong hands. You have the most to lose if a total ban were to happen. Why not take the initiative and come up with real proposals addressing the problem while keeping your Second Amendment rights intact?

- Lanell Gonzales, Granbury


Those who say that fired Fort Worth teacher Georgia Clark’s free-speech rights were violated are wrong. (Sept. 21, 1A, “Teacher who wrote anti-immigrant tweets no longer with district”) Clark can tweet all the anti-illegal-immigrant tweets to President Donald Trump she wants. But words have consequences.

A big thanks to Superintendent Kent Scribner and the entire Fort Worth ISD board for standing up for children and parents and letting them know that our Texas schools will be a place for learning and growing, not a place for hate and fear.

- Mark Bauer, Colleyville


In their Sept. 15 article, three doctors state that climate change is going to hurt our health, so we must change away from fossil fuels, fast. (7B, “Mosquito-borne disease and heat: Climate change hurting our health”) I agree there is climate change, but to say we must destroy our economy to go green is ludicrous.

These docs illustrate the takeover of our medical schools by radical leftists. I am 63 and survived the nonexistent ice age of the 1970s and the scare of acid rain. Get some life experience under your belts, doctors.

- Anthony Terrice, Bedford


Evidently, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price does not regularly read the Star-Telegram about property tax rates. If she had, after the city’s recent budget approval, she would not have said: “We are the only major city in Texas to lower the tax rate.” (Sept. 18, 1A, “Fort Worth approves $1.8 billion budget that will ‘improve services’”)

In reality, Fort Worth isn’t even the only major city in Tarrant County to do so. Fort Worth dropped the rate to $0.7475 per $100 of property valuation while Arlington will lower its to $0.624. Yes, Arlington is smaller, but let’s not slight the mega-entertainment city that just happens to also offer a more affordable living environment.

- Patrick Jenkins, Arlington