Letters to the Editor

Today’s GOP is forgetting that Ronald Reagan supported sensible gun limits

President Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan 1989 Associated Press file photo

Democrats living in a fantasy world

After watching the latest Democratic debate, I can’t understand how anyone could vote for any of these candidates. They are in a race to see who can give away the country the fastest: open borders, gun registration that would lead to confiscation, “Medicare for All” that would double the debt and cause an economic collapse. They’re like a bunch of little kids who think money grows on trees.

Whatever you get for free, somebody else must pay for, and don’t believe it will be only the rich. Even if we confiscated all the money from the top 2%, it wouldn’t pay for our debt for one year.

- Robert M. Moon, Fort Worth

We have to hope for this bad

I love that a Saturday letter writer quoted George Orwell’s, “Sometimes you have to be for the bad against the worst.” My sentiments exactly. If Democrats don’t outnumber Republicans spewing Fox News’ nonstop hatred, then the worst will surely prevail.

- Jeri Chilcutt, Weatherford

I know what you should publish

My local newspaper has little local news. In a city that likes to promote its growth, our newspaper should reflect this.

Saturday’s Opinion page featured pieces from Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Most news articles about national and international topics are from The Associated Press. I guess Fort Worth and Tarrant County have nothing important to report or editorialize about.

Here are some suggestions: the number of immigrants in the county (pro and con), our crumbling infrastructure, our underfunded public schools, the number of murders and gang-related crimes, local political races, the high cost of living and how housing costs have increased in the past 20 years.

- Jerry Coover, Arlington

Reagan supported smart gun measures

Did Ryan J. Rusak miss Republican President Ronald Reagan? (Sept. 15, 7B, “‘We’re going to take your AR-15’: Beto’s big debate moment could cost him in Texas”) Did he forget Reagan urged Congress to ban assault weapons in 1994 and won? Does he understand that mass shootings are enabled by high-capacity magazines limited by the Brady Bill that Reagan backed enthusiastically? Does he support the marketing of devices that effectively make assault rifles fully automatic?

Beto O’Rourke was right: Certain guns were meant for our military to kill as many of the enemy as possible. Many law-abiding gun owners left the National Rifle Association years ago because of its harebrained embrace of these weapons.

What’s the price of a child’s life compared with another’s “pride of ownership”?

- Robert Moore, Fort Worth

Getting it wrong on immigration stance

I am tired of the Star-Telegram mischaracterizing the conservatives’ position as “anti-immigration” or “anti-immigrant” rather than what it is: anti-illegal immigration. This occurred most recently with a letter Sept. 14. (11A) The letter writer noted that teacher Georgia Clark wasn’t posting anti-immigrant tweets. Rather, she was targeting illegal immigration. Nevertheless, the Star-Telegram gave the letter the confusing, misleading heading of “Anti-immigration, not anti-immigrant”, mischaracterizing the letter and Clark’s position.

Liberals seem to think they must mischaracterize the other side’s position to make their own position appear stronger. The Fort Worth Independent School District should be prohibited from firing anyone for advocating enforcement of laws.

- Mike Jones, Fort Worth