Letters to the Editor

Guns aren’t the serious problem that drunk driving is

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Misunderstood homeless ordinance

The opposition to Fort Worth’s homeless ordinance text change highlights three things. (Sept. 15, 1A, “Proposed camping ordinance change spurs debate on homelessness”)

First, there is tremendous passion on this topic.

Second, some of that passion is misguided into thinking this ordinance will make life worse for the homeless.

Third, those misguided people are likely not aware (as I wasn’t until about two months ago) of the wide range of services available for the homeless.

This ordinance simply allows officials to take action if they can easily contact the owner of a vacant lot that homeless people are living on. It reasonably says you can’t camp on property without running water and toilet facilities without the owner’s permission, and doing so could mean a fine of up to $500.

My hope is that some of that misguided passion finds its way to assisting the homeless.

- Daniel J Haase, Fort Worth

This wasn’t enough honor for 9/11

Really? A pitiful small article regarding the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks speaks volumes about where the Star-Telegram stands politically. (Sept. 12, 1A, “18 years later, rituals of Sept. 11 still provide solace”)

All those who died that day and all the lives lost defending our country after the attack are not worth your attention? What a slap in the face to America.

- Bobbie Brady, Fort Worth

Drunken driving worse than guns

Leonard Pitts Jr. and other anti-gun advocates spend much time and energy advocating for more gun control to save hundreds of lives yearly. I wish they would spend the same amount of time and energy advocating for mandatory ignition interlock devices to prevent drunken drivers from operating their vehicles, which would save thousands of lives every year.

- Marc Anduss, Arlington

Respect means nothing to a killer

Leonard Pitts Jr. was right on when he said American businesses need to do more than “respectfully request” that their patrons not bring guns into their establishments. I wonder what employees are supposed to do when customers ignore that request.

Sadly, it doesn’t matter even if a business displays a “no guns allowed” sign, because it’s unlikely any sign will deter a gunman intent on killing as many people as possible. And as long as it’s legal to buy military-style assault weapons and 100-round magazines, I’m afraid the massacres will continue.

Beto O’Rourke is right when he says that the only way to stop these mass shootings is to ban AR-15s and AK-47s.

- Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

We need to see more good news

Why isn’t there a section in the Star-Telegram for stories about religion, missionaries, marriages and babies being born? The only news I see regarding religion is negative.

- Walter Welborn, Fort Worth

Trump’s eyes are on the wrong prize

There he goes again. President Donald Trump is going to reduce restrictions on water pollution. (Sept. 15, 14A, “Calif. lawmakers try to undo Trump actions on environment”) He says he is concerned about teenagers vaping, but he forgets that all Americans breathe air. Plus, thousands of teens have died from gunfire, while only a few have died from vaping.

It seems when you put a businessman in the White House, his main focus can be summed up with one word: profits.

- Edward Lindsay, Fort Worth