Letters to the Editor

TCU’s basketball arena is great. Now it’s volleyball’s turn

In this 2015 file photo, Sutton Sunstrum practiced with the TCU volleyball team.
In this 2015 file photo, Sutton Sunstrum practiced with the TCU volleyball team. Star-Telegram file photo

Step up for TCU volleyball team

Texas Christian University’s athletic department needs to enlarge the volleyball facility to fit demand. The basketball arena is fantastic. Now let’s take care of the women.

Bill Eden,

Trophy Club

Mouths to feed by doing work here

Democratic U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey correctly described the effect of unauthorized immigrants as a benefit to the Fort Worth economy. (Sept. 6, 6A, “Undocumented workers vital to fast-growing DFW economy, Rep. Marc Veasey says”) While most want to disregard the benefits, Veasey rightly asserts that the increase in labor increases our cities’ overall wealth.

Immigrants increase the labor pool. An increased labor pool will increase the production possibilities, thus increasing produced goods. They are consumers, too, and introducing more consumers benefits businesses. This increases competition, which will create new demands and lower prices for everyone.

Victoria Hollinger,


Democrats will ruin this country

As I watch the brave demonstrators in Hong Kong risking the usual brutal response from communist and dictatorial societies like China, I am reminded of my family’s sacrifices escaping for freedom in the United States. The people of Hong Kong well know the difference and are willing to take bold risks to preserve their freedom.

When you have experienced the differences, you know that freedom has to be fought for and not taken for granted. It boggles the mind that today we have some Democratic candidates for president proposing policies that so many came here to escape.

As we approach next year’s elections, I am reminded that George Orwell wrote that “sometimes you have to be for the bad against the worst.”

Paul Kessler,

Fort Worth

Anti-immigration, not anti-immigrant

Reporter Diane Smith wrote that teacher Georgia Clark’s “Twitter posts against immigrant students sparked a national backlash.” (Sept. 9, 1A, “Case involving teacher’s anti-immigrant tweets goes before Fort Worth school board”)

But Clark wasn’t posting anti-immigrant tweets; she was targeting illegal immigration. The Fort Worth school board’s termination of Clark was never justified by the facts. Board members embellished what she said by wrongly calling it “racially insensitive language,” which it was not, nor was it an “abuse of the social media.”

This teacher was supportive of immigration law, as any citizen should be. It’s the school board that should be terminated and replaced with more law-abiding, constitutionally aware citizens.

Richard M. Holbrook,


If I ran the newspaper …

It’s time to revise the Star-Telegram.

Section A should be all bedding, sofa and bedroom furniture, with one page devoted to Tarrant County.

Section B should be motor boats, rods and reels, and men’s clothing. One page should be devoted to Tarrant County sports.

Section C can be cartoons, advice columns and horoscopes. One page should go to Tarrant County news and deaths.

This way, we’ll get a ton more local news and sports. The Opinion page was not mentioned because readers’ opinions are ignored anyway.

David Ghent,