Letters to the Editor

Founding Fathers never foresaw modern-day firearms with the Second Amendment

Is this what a “well regulated militia” meant to the nation’s founders?
Is this what a “well regulated militia” meant to the nation’s founders? Associated Press file photo

Trial is already set up for failure

In Saturday’s front-page story on jury selection in the Amber Guyger trial, the statements by attorneys for Botham Jean’s family attest to the “lynch mob” mentality prevailing in this case. (“Media initially denied access as jury selection begins in Guyger trial”)

If there was ever a case deserving a change of venue, this is it.

It is obvious that a horrible mistake led to this tragedy. In no uncertain terms should it ever have been treated as a murder case.

I hope the prosecution will recognize this and reduce or eliminate the charges against Guyger. No good can come from dragging out a trial that will most likely end in an acquittal.

Gordon Apple,

Fort Worth

The Times does the news right by me

Why does the Star-Telegram run New York Times stories? asked a Sept. 5 letter to the editor. (9A) There are many news providers, but The Times provides superior quality to all competitors in its coverage, based on diligence, objectivity and financial resources. Such sharing of other sources’ news coverage by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram provides diversity to all readers.

The purported New York Times “liberal” slant can be found on its opinion pages, where it belongs, along with conservative pieces — but not in its news products. I applaud the Star-Telegram for presenting, in the interest of its readers and the First Amendment, outside news reporting by enterprises with the resources to fund them.

Michael Myers,

Fort Worth

Historical context needed with guns

I was reviewing the Second Amendment this past weekend. It was ratified in 1791. At that time, our Founding Fathers were familiar with the guns of the time: muskets and flintlock pistols. Someone could possibly fire three rounds in one minute.

These men realized what we needed to protect ourselves. They believed in defensive weapons.

I couldn’t find anything about offensive weapons with big magazines that can kill dozens of innocent people in just a few seconds.

The self-destruction of America awaits our decisions. Do we have the character to make hard decisions, or are we weak like our president?

Clarence Culwell,

Fort Worth

Look with clear eyes at danger

Our warming climate is not just a matter of unpleasant summers and high energy bills. More notably, climate change presents serious public health concerns.

As a future physician and board member of Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility, I am concerned about the consequences of global warming that we are already seeing: more heat-related illness, more mosquito-borne infectious disease and worsening of chronic conditions like heart and lung problems.

Climate disasters such as hurricanes Dorian and Harvey, severe droughts, flooding and wildfires lead to destruction of communities and higher rates of injuries and death.

We in the medical and scientific communities must continue to urge Congress to recognize global warming as a health emergency.

Hasan Seede,


Cornyn, Trump a team that works

It is almost laughable to see someone or some group wanting to replace U.S. Sen. John Cornyn. (Sept. 10, 1A, “Tea Party Republican may pose challenge to Cornyn”) He has accomplished so much with our president.

Mel Goodson,