Letters to the Editor

Dollar stores serve a purpose in communities with few options

Dollar stores serve a useful purpose in communities with few retail options.
Dollar stores serve a useful purpose in communities with few retail options. Star-Telegram file photo

Liberal carbon offsets a racket

Let’s see if I have this straight: Elton John says the recent private jet trip he gave to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was “carbon neutral” because it was offset by a contribution to Carbon Footprint Ltd. (Aug. 20, 2A, “People.”)

So as long as you make a payment of sufficient size to offset each eco-unfriendly thing you do, you can do as many eco-unfriendly things as you like? You basically get a free pass — a sort of indulgence — as long as you have deep enough pockets?

If a conservative made a statement like that, he would be mercilessly hounded out of his job and practically his life by the liberal media and social media trolls.

Mike Jones,

Fort Worth

Yes, let’s imagine displacement

Regarding Wednesday’s front-page story “Group’s immigrant rhetoric called ‘vile,’ ‘dangerous’”: Apparently, the so-called “replacement theory” has to do with how white people will soon become the minority because of a “Hispanic invasion of Texas.” Northeast Tarrant Tea Party PAC’s Fred McCarty asks us to imagine flooding a place with foreign people. Envision the “blow-back,” hostility and strife that would result from a proud people being displaced from their own land, he says.

I immediately thought that everything McCarty asks us to imagine was felt by American Indians when white people invaded their land and look away their right to self determination.

Stan Beal,

Fort Worth

Who are the real intruders here?

My heart is broken when I hear the hate rhetoric from the tea party. As a minister of a progressive Christian family and faith group, I believe every person is created in the very image of one I call God. The quote in Thursday’s front-page article from Fred McCarty referred to others as “foreign,” when we are the foreigners who invaded the real Native Americans as well as people who are now Mexicans.

It is hard for me to imagine people being so cruel and heartless in their rhetoric, much less in their actions.

Judy Crow O’Donnell,

Fort Worth

We can make a deal on Greenland

Any Texas wildcatter knows you don’t have to buy the land to own the oil. President Donald Trump should propose a similar arrangement with Denmark: We buy Greenland’s mineral rights and pay Denmark royalties. Deal done, and no one who lives there is angry.

Dwight Heard,


Will debt be the death of us all?

Once more, the Star-Telegram buries unfavorable news about President Donald Trump as deep as possible. The national debt goes up 25 percent since last year, headed for $1 trillion, and the story ends up with the obituaries. (Aug. 22, 7A, “Budget deficit on path to surpass $1 trillion under Trump”)

On second thought, perhaps the obituaries are the proper place for Trump’s policies.

Brian Thomas,

Fort Worth

Dollar stores are needed by many

How pathetic and hypocritical the mayor and City Council act and sound in trying to limit dollar stores (Aug. 22, 1A, “Fort Worth mulls ways to limit glut of dollar stores”).

The city appears to be the predator. Dollar stores provide nearby places for food and all kinds of items that would not otherwise be available, especially in poorer parts of the city. Big-box stores and development will not venture into these areas unless they receive obscene tax breaks from the city and have a chance to make obscene profits.

Gary F. Rockers,