Letters to the Editor

San Diego tacos are the best in the land? Texas would like a word

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Both sides are tired of Robinson

Democrat or Republican, we are all getting sick of seeing Eugene Robinson’s columns and his always angry, always negative attitude toward the president. He seems to appear in the paper every other week. No individual, couple, family, company or country can benefit from that kind of constant angry tabloid rhetoric. Please stop.

Mike Holt,

Fort Worth

This sure isn’t the NRA I used to know

What happened to the National Rifle Association? When I was a Boy Scout, the NRA was all about gun safety. Now, it’s all about defending military-style weapons.

I’m surprised lawmakers haven’t approved bazookas as a hunting weapon in case an animal might charge the hunter.

Jack Brocious,


I smell smoke from Trump’s taxes

Donald Trump needs to remember that as president, he has sworn to honor and respect our laws. California has a new law that requires presidential candidates to furnish tax information to secure a place on the state’s ballot.

If Trump can’t or won’t furnish documentation, he needs to withdraw and return to his businesses. What is he trying to hide?

Barbara Price,

Fort Worth

Presidential comportment matters greatly

I am shocked and very unhappy concerning recent statements by President Donald Trump on Jews who support the Democratic Party.

Mr. President, you are not qualified to be reelected in 2020. You are promoting hate and divisions in this wonderful country. You show no respect, honor, accountability or knowledge in professional communication skills.

You are just a very bad schoolyard bully.

Stuart L. Rosenberg,

Fort Worth

So, are you going to take kids in?

Regarding the story, “Trump administration moves to end limits on migrant child detention” about President Donald Trump extending the detention for unaccompanied children (8A): I have a question for those on the left who say it is child abuse. If unaccompanied when released into the United States, where exactly will the children go? Will those who want them released step up and take them in?

I hear a lot of criticism but have yet to hear solutions.

Chrysanne Mason,


It is past time for action on guns

I’ve been polite in all my calls and emails to President Donald Trump. However, with the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, I’m done being nice.

If Trump doesn’t demand that Congress pass real gun reform and if he continues to lie down with the National Rifle Association, he is complicit in the shootings and is saying he is OK with law-abiding people, including children, being murdered.

Trump must demand that Sen. Mitch McConnell bring forth House bills to the Senate for a votes. He must sign into law real gun reform laws.

John MacFarlane,

Fort Worth

Don’t pick a taco fight, buddy

I don’t just applaud Mikey Knab’s commitment to make his restaurants more environmentally friendly. (Aug. 23, 13A, “My restaurant shifted away from plastics; others can, too”) I respect and admire it.

But I must take exception to his characterization of San Diego as the taco capital of the world. The taco capital of the universe is Texas. I’m partial to Lubbock Tex-Mex myself, but anywhere in Texas is ahead of anywhere in California when it comes to tacos.

Eugene Chandler,