Letters to the Editor

Better listen to Kenny Rogers’ advice about Trinity River project

A conflict of interest for sure

The Star-Telegram reported that Republican state Reps. Matt Krause of Fort Worth and Morgan Meyer of Dallas, who is also chairman of the Texas House General Investigating Committee, “each received $20,000 worth of polling services from (House Speaker Dennis) Bonnen’s campaign in June.” (Aug. 13, 1A, “Texas Rangers asked to investigate House speaker’s meeting”)

Texans are left to wonder how each can continue to serve on the committee during its investigation of Bonnen’s unsavory bargain with Empower Texans’ Michael Quinn Sullivan.

Shouldn’t Meyer and Krause recuse themselves from the committee’s work? But Texans yawn and become inured to the whole fiasco.

Libby Willis,

Fort Worth

Only damage was to our politics

Andrew Malcolm’s Thursday column, “Democrats still trying to undo the damage inflicted by Obama,” (9A) was simply a bragging point about the Republican takeover of Congress. He mentioned Obamacare, but Republicans still have no real plan to replace it with better insurance.

There was no damage left by President Barack Obama. If the Republican Congress had done the job we elected it to do, Obama could have accomplished more.

Evelyn Swarts,

North Richland Hills

Count on federal money? Good luck

At Monday’s meeting of the Trinity River Vision Authority’s board of directors, a key concern was whether there will be enough funding to finish the $1.17 billion boondoggle. (Aug. 13, 1A, “Report: Oversight changes needed on Panther Island”) City Manager David Cooke said that was “the elephant in the room.” Mayor Betsy Price has said she thinks $250 million will be forthcoming from the federal government.

I’m reminded of Kenny Rogers’ line in Don Schlitz’s “The Gambler”: “You never count your money when you’re sitting at the table.”

Always remember that the feds reneged on the commitment to build the Superconducting Super Collider at Waxahachie and covered up the tunnels. At least they won’t have to cover up the new channel for the river, since it hasn’t even been dug.

Don Woodard Sr.,

Fort Worth

Players get greedy, and we all lose

Who will represent sports fans? Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is demanding $40 million per year. Professional athletes and their agents have become extortionists. Their crime isn’t breaking wealthy club owners — it’s putting professional sports venues out of the reach of the average fan.

The Cowboys should tell Dak to take a hike. That goes for running back Ezekiel Elliott as well.

Sports fans cherish Super Bowl titles, but we’d like to be able to afford a good seat from time to time. Stop inflating the price of admission.

Gary Bender,


Costs would end up on our backs

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders maintains that “Medicare for All” would save money by eliminating private insurance costs and that individuals would accrue the benefit. This assumes that employer-funded premiums would magically appear in the employees’ paycheck. And that is wishful thinking.

The truth is that employers would most likely pocket most of this windfall, and the rich would just get richer. Meanwhile, employees would experience a marked increase in taxes to cover the costs — estimated by the libertarian Mercatus Center at George Mason University at $32 trillion over the first 10 years.

Charles Andrews,

Fort Worth