Letters to the Editor

Protesters had no place at mass shooting memorial vigil

Residents gathered for a vigil for victims of recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio on Aug. 6 outside Fort Worth City Hall.
Residents gathered for a vigil for victims of recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio on Aug. 6 outside Fort Worth City Hall. FortWorth

No, you’re the ones sowing hatred

In regards to the Wednesday editorial, “Call El Paso shooting what it is: white nationalist terrorism” (15A): The Star-Telegram, along with CNN, MSNBC and other large journalism organizations, is one of the worst purveyors of hate and disinformation.

With this editorial, you have successfully shown your unprecedented ignorance while labeling an entire group of people for the actions of one individual. You have done the very thing you chastise others for when an attack is carried out by a black or Muslim person.

The El Paso shooting was pure evil, and any decent person would agree no matter his or her color or ideology. You on the other hand are fomenting hatred and division while decrying that very thing.

Gary Pinkston,


This problem must be addressed

The Star-Telegram editorial on the El Paso shooting was excellent in every respect. You correctly stated that our national and state leaders must make mass shootings a top priority. The FBI should have and utilize all the resources needed to combat white national terrorism.

Your editorial acknowledges the complexities of this serious problem. But it must become a top priority for our president, the FBI and state and local officials, and it must include adoption of sensible gun regulations.

Douglas Harman,

Fort Worth

I can’t get answers here. Can you?

Because Rep. Kay Granger will not hold town hall meetings, I would like the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to ask her some questions and publish the answers:

▪ Is she for or against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act?

▪ Is she for increasing the national debt?

▪ Does she support the president’s racist rhetoric?

▪ Does she support sales of arms to Saudi Arabia to support the fight against Yemen?

▪ Does she support universal background checks for gun purchases?

▪ Does she support allowing federal researchers to investigate gun violence?

▪ Does she support a ban on the sale of military-style firearms?

Britton R. West,

Fort Worth

Greene is looking at wrong signs

In his Aug. 4 column, Richard Greene wrote, “Americans will see (immigration) as the top issue that will decide their votes next year.” (4B, “Rangers’ Elvis Andrus understands citizenship in a way that Democratic candidates don’t”)

Wrong again, Mr. Greene.

What voters are really seeking, and will vote for, is someone very unlike the hate-mongering racist who currently occupies the Oval Office (when he’s not on the golf course, promoting one of his resort properties).

Roger Tuttle,

Fort Worth

Protests out of place at observance

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price organized a community gathering at City Hall on Tuesday evening to show compassion and love for families affected by the shootings in El Paso; Dayton, Ohio, and Gilroy, California. It was a time for prayer and music. (Aug. 8, 1A, “Residents gather at vigil to ‘honor the lives lost’”)

Then a group held up a sign complaining that the mayor is silent on Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Protesters had red tape over their mouths with “ICE” written on it.

Sadness rose in my spirit with the display that politicized the gathering with selfish rhetoric. It diminished the purpose of those gathered, which was to stand with the families who lost loved ones, to extend love and bring comfort to them.

Jean Lok,