Letters to the Editor

Spirited debate about gun rights, murderous intent and laws after El Paso

People visit a makeshift memorial at the scene of a mass shooting at a shopping complex Tuesday in El Paso, Texas.
People visit a makeshift memorial at the scene of a mass shooting at a shopping complex Tuesday in El Paso, Texas. AP

Potential killers just need Jesus

It doesn’t take a real man to kill innocent people. All it takes is a stupid fool with a weapon. The weapon can be a gun, a knife, a bomb or the family car. The fool submits to the demons inside him and kills.

When the demons are through using him, they drag him to hell. He should have turned to Jesus. Jesus would cast out those demons.

Jim Gilliam,

Fort Worth

This is the message we’re sending

If we were another country, our State Department would issue a travel alert: Americans are not safe in churches, schools, Walmart, downtown tourist districts, clubs or government buildings. Not safe at outdoor concerts or festivals.

How do people in the rest of the world view gun violence here? They see that we have created a uniquely American kind of domestic terrorism, putting profits and power over policy. Individual liberty over common sense. Prayers and preparedness over addressing the causes.

This cannot continue. We need new leadership in Austin and in Washington.

Beth Llewellyn McLaughlin,

Fort Worth

One big difference with Antifa

As someone who has voted against Sen. Ted Cruz four times, I don’t often defend him. But the letter Sunday, “Ted Cruz keeps one eye closed,” questioned Cruz for wanting to label Antifa a terrorist organization while not calling right-wing extremists the same. (4B)

The reason is clear: Almost all right-wing terrorists have carried out lone-wolf attacks. If they all belonged to a group that openly calls for violence, as Antifa has, then that group certainly would be labeled a terrorist group.

Antifa members may say that they are just against fascists, but they have committed numerous violent acts against anyone who opposes their far-left views. They behave more like fascists than the people they label with that word. They seem to consider almost all conservatives to be racists and fascists.

Many of the American soldiers who defeated the Nazis would be called Nazis by Antifa’s standard.

Tom Glenn,

Fort Worth

The problem with guns by the numbers

There is no reason for people to own assault rifles. They are not used for hunting. Plus, gun magazines that hold 30 or more rounds of ammunition are used only for killing people — lots of people.

Since our legislators will not take action to remove these tools of violence from our streets, we citizens can. We can boycott all businesses, including Walmart, that continue to sell weapons without any thought to the human lives taken.

Henceforth, I refuse to patronize these businesses that sell guns. There are an estimated 393 million guns in homes across the country. Do we really need any more?

Edward Lindsay,

Fort Worth

Weapon doesn’t really matter

How many remember the carnage at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995? Timothy McVeigh murdered 160-plus people using a bomb constructed with ammonium nitrate fertilizer, diesel fuel and a blasting cap. This heinous act used no firearms.

Bottom line: If a person wants to kill, he will find a way.

Carter Fore,


Guns can point in two directions

On Dec. 31, 2015, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported 937,419 people were licensed to carry guns in this state. Shoot back.

Dwight A. Heard,