Letters to the Editor

Ted Cruz’s show bill targeting Antifa ignores right-wing terrorists who kill people

How does a crime get classified as ‘domestic terrorism’?

Domestic terrorism is a broad label and is often used to describe violent crimes like the Oklahoma City Bombing that occur on U.S. soil. But what does it mean? And can you be charged with it?
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Domestic terrorism is a broad label and is often used to describe violent crimes like the Oklahoma City Bombing that occur on U.S. soil. But what does it mean? And can you be charged with it?

Reagan knew we’re in this together

Instead of piling on the front-runner, the Democratic presidential candidates would do well to take a lesson from Ronald Reagan, who cautioned against speaking ill about members of your own party. No president governs alone. Joe Biden would gladly vote for any candidate who has never made a mistake or regretted a previous vote.

Voters would do well to remember that our federal government has three branches, none of which can govern without the other two. Therefore, all this talk about what “I am” going to do when elected is nothing more than each candidate’s wish list.

Government works best when diversity includes a diversity of ideas. If voters elect representatives whose goal is to shut down the other party rather than seek opportunities to compromise, we are limiting the effectiveness of our government.

Clyde C. Hemminger,

Fort Worth

Don’t rely on X-ray screening

U.S. Rep. Ron Wright’s experience with lung cancer, as told by Anna Tinsley in Tuesday’s front-page story, is typical. (“Wright battles cancer, keeps DC pace”) He had no symptoms but had advanced-stage lung cancer. A chest X-ray ordered by his physician led to the diagnosis, but this type of X-ray screening for lung cancer has not led to improved survival rates in numerous studies.

The National Cancer Institute notes that “lung cancer screening with CT scans is the only screening test shown to lower the chance of dying from lung cancer.” Recommendations are still evolving, but smokers or ex-smokers with a greater than 30 pack-per-year smoking history, ages 55 to 75, are encouraged to consider chest CT scanning and discuss it with their physicians.

As with other cancers, early detection of lung cancer is associated with improved survival. As a physician, I know smoking avoidance and cessation remain the best prevention.

John R. Burk,

Fort Worth

There is no free lunch in America

My conclusions from the Democratic debates last week differ from what the liberal networks tell you. No candidates understand the meaning of “free.”

The government does not earn any money. It simply takes your tax dollars. According to the Tax Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, in 2016, the top 1% paid 37% of individual income tax revenues, and the bottom 50% paid only 3%. That means the rest of us paid 60%, and guess who will have to pay for the “freebies”?

J. Mark Bronson,

Fort Worth

Ted Cruz keeps one eye closed

Last month, Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a bill with the title, “A resolution calling for the designation of Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization.” Why does he not mention the right-wing extremists who killed at least 50 Americans in 2018?

As a leading Senate sycophant, Cruz continually searches for ways to ingratiate himself to President Donald Trump. In this case, he unveils a proposal to label a group that has never committed a murder as a terrorist organization, yet he overlooks the dozen or so murderers responsible for virtually all of last year’s domestic terrorism.

My World War II veteran dad would sure be confused by today’s Republican Party. See, he was anti-fascist, too.

Charles Stonick,


No longer wonder about the source

I used to think there was no connection between President Donald Trump’s brain and his mouth. Now I am sure the vitriol that spews so freely from his mouth truly does originate in his head.

Sue Morrison,

Fort Worth