Letters to the Editor

Wendy Davis knows how to reach across the aisle for all Texans

Former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis
Former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis

Davis has served all Texans well

Regarding Cynthia M. Allen’s column about former Texas state senator Wendy Davis’ run for Congress (July 26, 9A, “Can Wendy Davis’ run for Congress be about more than abortion?”): As supporters and former employees of Davis, we believe her significant contributions on the Fort Worth City Council and in the Texas Senate will be felt for years to come.

Davis championed transportation projects vitally important to North Texas. The Chisholm Trail Parkway might never have been constructed but for her tireless advocacy. She was also a proponent of preservation and prudent development of neighborhoods throughout the central city, such as the West Seventh Street/Montgomery Plaza mixed-use development.

Allen alleges that as a state senator, Davis was singularly focused on abortion. But Davis worked with Democrats and Republicans on dozens of successful bills — a bipartisan approach too few are willing to embrace. She pushed through important legislation that required rape kits in Texas to be processed as funding for the tests becomes available. She was an advocate for public education, highway funding, veterans, foster care children and more.

Effective leadership like this is needed in Washington now more than ever.

Charles Boswell,

Kristi Wiseman,

Fort Worth

My experience shows different

Having taught for decades, both in public schools and college, I must take exception to the letter to the editor Sunday under the headline, “Can’t we quit bashing Trump?” (4B). Its claim that public schools and colleges seek to advance a liberal agenda and “indoctrination” simply doesn’t fly for me.

The vast majority of faculty members I have worked with over my years in education here in Texas have been quite conservative and seek to educate with no agenda in mind. It’s another far right-wing political talking point with absolutely no basis in fact, judging from my own experience, and an insult to the many fine educators I know.

John Muller,


Use your own eyes with Trump

Those who claim President Donald Trump is not a racist are correct. By his own behavior, he is an equal-opportunity bigot. Accept or reject him, he is what he is.

Ed Henderson,


Gadgets rule our attention

Few things shock me anymore, but recently spotting a young lady texting while riding a bicycle certainly did. Somehow, she managed to stay upright despite holding her phone in one hand and typing with the other.

What was she thinking? Or was she on autopilot, paying no real attention to the things around her?

It’s not a big surprise, since most of us appear to be obsessed with our gadgets. As technology continues to consume us, we experience fewer personal encounters with those we love the most.

What has happened to basic common sense?

Susan Adele Love,

Fort Worth

Texas doesn’t need more litmus tests

So outgoing state Rep. Jonathan Stickland celebrated killing bills and chastised Republicans who are not conservative enough. (July 28, 1B, “On Stickland’s farewell tour, he swipes at Cornyn, Abbott”) When bones become too rigid, they break more easily. Political purity tests and hyperpartisanship are dangerous and foolish and weaken our government.

Let’s not let Texas turn into Washington, D.C.

Fred Gregory,