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The Cowboys simply shouldn’t play Ezekiel Elliott’s game

When Zeke says something, he means it

Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan says Ezekiel Elliott is ready.
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Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan says Ezekiel Elliott is ready.

Nadler should give us all a rest

Haven’t U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler’s 15 minutes expired? And he seems to be wearing out one definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Perhaps House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should fit Jerry with a dunce hat?

Marshall Stewart,

Fort Worth

We have all we need to know already

Last week, special counsel Robert Mueller told congressional committees that “the Russian government interfered in our election in sweeping and systematic fashion,” and that should concern every American.

To date, the Republican administration has done nothing to prevent further election-meddling by foreign adversaries. Why?

Mueller further suggested that during the course of his investigation, he was hampered by repeated instances of what I think are clearly obstruction of justice.

Multiple people lied to both Congress and the FBI, including many in President Donald Trump’s inner circle. Those charged and convicted included Trump’s campaign chairman, his first national security adviser and his personal attorney.

Robert Moore,

Fort Worth

Who should really get out of here

Thank you for printing U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland’s column, “Who doesn’t say ‘go back’: Native Americans.” (July 25, 9A) As a Native American herself, she shares a perspective that I cannot experience but that I can truly empathize with.

If Native Americans can accept the hordes of invaders with a true American spirit, why is it that some of our leadership (and I use the term loosely) cannot?

I would not tell anyone to go back where they came from, particularly those who were brought here against their will. That, as Haaland noted, would be truly un-American.

However, I have no objection to those, so filled with greed and hate with the vicious need to dominate any person or culture anywhere near their paths, doing the rest of us who can live together in peace a favor by volunteering to return to their homeland — if they would have you.

Phil Gronkiewicz,


Think about the Russians’ goals

In this divided nation, we have lost sight of how we got here. The Russians interfered in our election, which was confirmed by all our intelligence agencies. They determined that the Russians interfered to help Donald Trump get elected.

The question remains: Why did the Russians favor Trump? Don’t think for a moment that Russia’s intelligence agencies and spies did not know Trump and his history.

Our politicians have failed to recognize what’s happening in our country. Russia would want nothing more than to be the world’s only superpower, and it is reaching that goal with our assistance.

Willie R. Hargis,

Fort Worth

Cowboys should call Elliott’s bluff

So, the Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott is a holdout. (July 27, 1C, “Cowboys owner remains patient over RB Elliott’s holdout”) That is a violation of his written contract.

The Cowboys should steadfastly refuse to negotiate, make any new offers or even talk to him. Let him sit out the entire season and don’t release him to bargain with other teams.

If all professional team owners would have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to egotistical prima donnas like Elliott, player holdouts would greatly diminish. Every team owner should refuse to ever hire any holdout from another team — period.

Larry McGuire,