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Texas Rangers, you have a starting pitcher problem

Rangers P Mike Minor on being the team’s ‘ace’

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Mike Minor talks about his hopes for 2019 that includes his status as the team's "ace," after his first appearance of the spring on Monday, Feb. 25, 2019.
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Texas Rangers starting pitcher Mike Minor talks about his hopes for 2019 that includes his status as the team's "ace," after his first appearance of the spring on Monday, Feb. 25, 2019.

Squad, you’re the racists here

When a person’s color or origin is used as a means for preference, position, exception, deference or any special treatment, it is racism.

Commonsense Americans have had enough of the petty and pervasive use of racism charges. Our Founding Fathers established a country based on meritocracy, and we are allowing the fear of being called racist to dilute the value of merit and free speech.

The fact is the four liberal congresswomen screaming racism are the racists. They have the right to be provocative. They do not have the right to use racism claims to legitimize their objectives or silence their opponents.

Let the people judge their agendas on merit.

Tom Koranek,


You have to spend before you can win

Opponents hit the Rangers’ starting pitchers like children swinging at a piñata during a birthday party. Rarely do the starters last six innings. And relievers are equally ineffective.

It seems to me the Rangers’ owners should open their checkbooks to procure starting pitchers before the best players request trades to teams committed to doing what is necessary to produce a pennant winner. Lots of empty seats are likely in the new stadium scheduled to open next year.

Jan Fersing,

Fort Worth

Super lefty, except for all these

Recent letter writers have complained about the Star-Telegram opinion section’s supposed liberal bias. I find those gripes amusing when the paper regularly publishes columns by Cynthia M. Allen, Christine M. Flowers, Richard Greene, Mark A. Thiessen and George F. Will, not to mention cartoonist Lisa Benson — real left-wingers, that group.

Although I rarely agree with any of them, I do read their well-written opinions. I can handle their perspectives even if I think they’re wrong.

I plan on keeping my subscription.

Michael Oleson,

Fort Worth

Engel doesn’t get it on the SEC

Mac Engel’s column on Texas A&M not playing Texas in football exemplifies why A&M left for the Southeastern Conference and doesn’t need or want to return to the Big 12. (July 17, 1B, “Tommy Boy’s wish to play Texas A&M exposes the Aggies’ childish behaviors”)

In the SEC, teams and their fans respect each other and don’t resort to childish name-calling, as Engel did. The SEC welcomed A&M with open arms for our academics and athletics, and we mutually respect the other universities in the SEC.

Get over it. We don’t need you like you need us.

David Bodden,

Fort Worth

Middle is getting left behind

Michael McGough’s commentary Saturday about former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens accurately pointed to a major issue in American government: the politicization of nearly everything. (11A, “Mourning Justice Stevens and the nominating process”)

The center of American politics is shrinking, as the left and right harden their views. When a Democratic House refuses to follow the chamber’s rules and when a Republican president has a litmus test for appointments to the Supreme Court, the public should realize we have allowed things to go way too far.

Consensus means listening to everyone’s point of view, agreeing on a middle ground and supporting the decision because it is best for the country as a whole. When one side wins or, worse, refuses to support the consensus, chaos rules. And the America we love, the freedoms we cherish and the safety we demand are all in jeopardy.

Rick Weintraub,