Letters to the Editor

Readers debate Trump and both sides of the ‘get out’ coin

I have an idea who should get out

Donald Trump should be the one leaving America. He seems to enjoy countries where civil rights are muted, so I think he would be very happy in Russia with his buddy President Vladimir Putin and all the oligarchs who rule that country.

If they won’t have him, his pal in North Korea, dictator Kim Jong Un, would welcome him with open nuclear arms. And if that sours, his other murderous friend in Saudi Arabia would surely share his bed with Trump.

Something sinister has to be going on in America, or Trump would be busting rocks.

Gary B. Hicks,

Forest Hill

We must all work together

At President Donald Trump’s Wednesday rally, his supporters relished in chanting that Rep. Ilhan Omar — the first Somali-American legislator in the United States and a naturalized citizen — should go back to her home county. The racist chant, which ignores the dedication of the immigrant community and so many naturalized citizens, shows the divide Trump strives to create within our country.

The chants are effective. They’re small clock-ticks that strike just often enough to make sure the listener stays on political schedule.

The public understands the message you hope to send, Mr. President. But we need not accept it.

Now more than ever, we need to denounce these attacks aimed at our colleagues, neighbors, friends and family members. By celebrating diversity in our communities, we can make sure that our schools, neighborhoods and businesses continue to thrive.

Natalie Holzaepfel,


Silence is no longer an option

Only four members of the U.S. House GOP had the spine and integrity to vote to condemn President Donald Trump’s most recent blatant and openly racist attacks against American citizens and elected members of Congress. Cowardly Fort Worth Rep. Kay Granger was not one of them.

Silence is complicity, and Granger, Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, and the overwhelming majority of Trump’s party have been nothing if not complicit in his open criminality, lawlessness and racism. They own this, 100%.

Ed Holloman,

Fort Worth

Pick your targets carefully

Hats off to the city of Mineral Wells for its well-intended proposal to protect the unborn. That said, the city’s leaders were wise to withdraw the proposal to make it a “sanctuary city” for the unborn. (July 17, 1A, “Mineral Wells won’t pursue plan to be sanctuary for the unborn”)

It reminded me of when I awkwardly found it necessary to oppose on facts a group with which I agreed on principle.

In the 1990s, I was minister of a church in Stephenville next to the city’s hospital. I arrived at work one morning to discover an abortion protest on our church parking lot, led by the group then known as Operation Rescue. But the hospital didn’t perform abortions. Right on principle, wrong on facts.

When standing for right, it’s important to choose your method carefully.

Rodger Weems,

Grand Prairie

Democrats hurt race relations

When all else fails, play the race card. Human nature assures us that there will always be racism. Unfortunately, there will also always be false allegations of racism.

Such false allegations are prominent among Democratic candidates’ exaggerations in an effort to garner the African American vote. The damage they do to race relations is immeasurable.

Don Ponder,

Fort Worth