Letters to the Editor

Megan Rapinoe and other disrespectful athletes work for us

Time for clarity with report

The Trinity River Vision Authority should release the independent review of the Panther Island flood control project as written. (July 14, 4B, “The Trinity River board gets to edit ‘independent’ Panther Island review? Are you kidding?”)

If anyone wants to make changes or corrections, those should be included after the appropriate sections with the names of the commenters.

Facts are facts, and if someone wants to change a fact, that means the correct fact was not provided to Riveron during its review process. Let the authority be transparent with the entire process.

Michael Harris,

Fort Worth

Make the numbers work for U.S.

Those who break our immigration laws often come to this country for work. When employers hire someone, they are supposed to ask for a Social Security number. That is the law. To determine whether a number is real, employers can enter a name and number on a government website called E-Verify.

If there is a match, the person is in the country legally. If there is no match, the person is most likely here illegally.

There’s one problem: Employers are not required by law to verify every employee’s name and Social Security number.

If it were mandatory that a prospective employee’s status be checked on E-Verify, many fewer people would come here illegally.

Contact your representative and insist that this be mandatory to stop illegal immigration now.

H.C. Moore,


No patience for protesting players

Mac Engel, you should apply for the job of political reporter so you can quit the sports beat. Then you can spend all your time whining about Donald Trump being president instead of angering so many of the dwindling number of Star-Telegram sports section fans.

Disrespectful players are the problem of team owners, general managers, coaches and the league. (July 3, 1B, “Rapinoe is simply mirroring Trump”)

If they don’t correct the issue, fans will move on. But in the case of Team USA in any sport, I am one of the owners.

The players should stand, with hands over hearts, for the national anthem or sit down for the entire game.

Jim Bartlett,


The kind of news I want to read

I am sad for the decline of newspapers. I no longer subscribe to the Star-Telegram after more than 30 years.

The reason is your blatant bias in favor of liberalism and progressive issues. Your op-eds favor liberal policies and more government. Your news sources are The Associated Press, The New York Times and The Washington Post. These are all liberally biased and supportive of Democrats.

I have subscribed to The Wall Street Journal since 1972 and gladly pay for it. Perhaps if you changed your policy, more people would want to subscribe.

Don Murphey,


Appreciate the good that’s here

“US is greater than ‘just OK’” was a great offering by Marc A. Thiessen. (July 12, 11A)

I found one line from the column to ring especially true: “Today, for all its flaws, America remains the freest, most innovative, most prosperous country in the history of the world.”

I, a Korean War veteran, am most proud that you printed such an uplifting commentary.

Thank you, from all of us patriotic citizens of this great and fine country.

Charlie Carlson,