Letters to the Editor

What every American can learn from the life of Ross Perot

Ross Perot, an independent presidential candidate, speaks during a campaign rally in Flemington, N.J., Oct. 25, 1992.
Ross Perot, an independent presidential candidate, speaks during a campaign rally in Flemington, N.J., Oct. 25, 1992. New York Times file photo

Not the holiday for this focus

I started out on the Fourth of July, only to find myself transported to the end of November and Thanksgiving Day by the editors of the Star-Telegram, who are apparently losing focus.

Independence Day was intended as a celebration of the establishment of this unique nation, not a day of gratefulness, except perhaps that we live here and not in some of the godforsaken countries in the world.

Let us keep the flavors of the holidays distinct, because each accents a special value of the American experience.

Jack D’Amario,


Democrats ignorant of what they’re doing

The Democrats referred to the incoming caravans of migrants and other border issues as a hoax and manufactured crises. They refused to allocate funds to deal with the southern border.

Now they vilify President Donald Trump and Republicans for the mess on our southern border. Hypocrites.

The Democrats will jeopardize the integrity of our nation in their efforts to destroy Trump and the Republicans. It is amazing that they can go on with business as usual — refusing to look at the big picture and unable to consider the consequences of their outrageous ideology.

Eva Snapka,


We can learn from the past

The old Ellis Pecan Building at 1012 North Main St. was the home of the Ku Klux Klavern in the 1920s. It’s the last standing purpose-built Klan building in the United States, making it a significant historical site.

The building later housed numerous types of entertainment events — religious revivals, minstrel shows, boxing and wrestling, dancing. Even magician Harry Houdini performed there twice.

It’s ripe now to become a multipurpose accommodation building, after renovations.

It’s said you learn by osmosis. Keep the building open after restoration in a venue with an emphasis on peace and reconciliation training. It has riverfront access, and I predict it will be a tourist attraction, with its proximity to downtown.

Delores Cantrell,

Fort Worth

Who’s to blame at the Botanic Garden?

Who is running the Fort Worth Botanic Garden now? And who was running it when all the neglect occurred?

The members of the current task force want to remove our ability to make impromptu visits to see the rose garden in bloom or to make surprise visits with our children or grandchildren, as we have for decades.

Charging high fees for garden admission disproportionately affects low-income residents and is a form of segregation. The people who deliberately let the conservatory go to seed and neglected the surrounding grounds have not only asked us to pay for restoring it, but they also let us see it only at their say-so.

The City Council must find an equitable way to keep the gardens free for residents and their children as originally intended.

Betty Fay,

Fort Worth

Perot exemplified America’s best

Ross Perot was an incredible individual, patriot, entrepreneur and visionary business leader. (July 10, 1A, “Perot had no doubt son’s Alliance project would work”)

He was underestimated for much of his life, and he leaves a legacy that is larger than life. He epitomizes all that is great about America. Humble beginnings and a great work ethic are stepping stones to incredible success.

We will remember Perot always and forever.

Paul Bacon,

Hallandale Beach, Florida

Mac Engel is all wrong about immigration

Mac Engel once again veers off from sports to enter the political world. He showed his liberalism and ignorance about immigration in his Thursday column when he wrote, “no one on the right can convince me we don’t need new people who come into our world, buy stuff and replace the dying population.” (1B, “Send illegal immigrants back to where they came from — unless they’re good at sports”)

Most people on the right are not against legal immigration, where the U.S. establishes limits on the number of immigrants admitted and checks their background. It is illegal immigration, which ignores the rule of law and overwhelms our schools, hospitals and welfare programs, that the majority of the right opposes.

If the United States’ immigration laws are not enforced and are ignored, other laws will be next. The rule of law must be preserved.

Tom Roman,


We need a new Battle of the Sexes in soccer

It appears that the only rational way to determine if there should be equal pay between the men’s and women’s soccer teams is to have playoffs between the two, while factoring in attendance and costs. If the women’s team either consistently beats or ties the men’s team in score and revenue, only then could there be proved lack of equity in pay.

Richard M. Holbrook,