Letters to the Editor

Regardless of your opinion, there’s no comparing Rapinoe and Trump

Reparations just can’t happen

Regarding opinions on reparations for slavery: I believe any legislation passed would be found unconstitutional. (June 20, 6A, “House panel hears ideas on how to atone for slavery”)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for all his conservatism, is right. Let people who espouse “atonement” read Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution, concerning bills of attainder and ex post facto laws.

Any legislation on this subject will be a costly waste of time. Forget about it.

Mary Doherty,

Fort Worth

Respect for beliefs must be two-way

To the nearly 100 people who complained about the downtown banners announcing an educational seminar from the Metroplex Atheists (July 3, 9A, “Atheist banners prompt complaints; mayor responds”): If the atheist group’s banner is not acceptable to you, then your banner will not be acceptable to others.

And if you deny a differing opinion access to the public platform afforded to everyone else, you will not be able to use that public platform, either.

Your beliefs are not everyone’s beliefs. I believe that our county tax assessor was wrong to put “In God We Trust” on county stationery. This country embraces separation of church and state for a very good reason. No groups of believers or non-believers can force their viewpoints on others.

If your faith is so vulnerable to opposition that you must muzzle others, I pity you. Perhaps you would feel safer in a country that does not allow citizens to think for themselves.

Leslie Fraser,


No comparison in Rapinoe, Trump

I’m an avid sports fan who reads the sports section for sports news. I do not need commentary from a sports writer like Mac Engel about President Donald Trump. (July 3, 1B, “Rapinoe is simply mirroring Trump”)

I’m wondering whether Engel expressed a similar opinion last year when the NBA champion Golden State Warriors turned down a visit to the White House, or if Rapinoe is just an easier target because she is a female athlete.

I love sports and like to read about sports because of the work and dedication of the athletes, the human nature of competition and to see how our local teams fared. But I really do not need political commentary taking up one-third of the front sports page.

And no, Mac — Rapinoe and the president are not taking the same path. That was a poor comparison.

Robert Wood,

Mineral Wells

I don’t need Engel’s political opinions

I have been a faithful reader of the Star-Telegram, with one exception, since 1973. However, the profound bias of this publication made me drop my subscription for almost six months.

I reluctantly returned to an online subscription to stay abreast of sports and local news. But now I can’t even enjoy sports without someone like Mac Engel injecting liberal groupthink into his column and disrespecting the office of the president of the United States under the cowardly guise of citing the rights of U.S. women’s soccer disgrace Megan Rapinoe.

Gary Pinkston,


The answer really is that simple

President Donald Trump wants to solve our illegal immigration problem and has made countless proposals to do so. The Democrats continue to stymie his efforts. This is not rocket science, folks. All it takes is a wall and additional personnel at the border.

Rick Schwab,

Fort Worth